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Ready for a Challenge #learnSpanish50​

Our brand new language challenge #learnSpanish50​.

With other discount sites, you need to pay the full price of the offer up front, often before you are sure you will use it. With the one pound offers from, you buy the voucher for £1 and you can then use it when you want to, with no worries.

Have you found learning a language to be time-consuming, costly or disjointed?

We are introducing a revolutionary new way to learn Spanish that will leave you confidently able to master, retain and repeat Spanish sentences.

Our cards are portable and linked to ultra-slow audio to help you learn on the go, whenever, wherever at your pace! Plus you'll have access to online games to help practise your Spanish.

Join our new 50-day challenge.  Simply order one of our packs, learn the sentences and we will give you the next series for FREE!

Simple order a pack by calling 01242 236 608 or email




Ready for a Challenge #learnSpanish50​


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