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Photo of the Day - 15th February 2021 - Alien Landscape


I wanted to share this very special picture I took and ask your readers what they think it is - answer at the bottom ....................(just like you do in your newsletter!!)

I was out on a snowy walk with my husband and couldn't resist taking this very close-up pic



Answer: this is a close-up picture of little clumps of iced-over snowy mosses and lichens on top of a high wall with bushes behind it - I loved capturing what looks like an alien landscape by the simple expedient of taking a VERY close-up photo! It looks like little hobbits live there!!

Sent in by Lisette


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Photo of the Day

Send your favourite photos to to be featured as Photo of the Day and entered into a competition to win an A3+ sized photographic print each month.

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