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WINNER AND RUNNERS UP ANNOUNCED - Haiku Entries - All the entries to the Haiku Competition. Winner to be announced shortly

Which ones are your favourites?

WINNING ENTRY - Congratulations Danielle you win the £20 gift card

We by Danielle

Don’t say I, say we
We are in this together
It will get brighter



Hope by David

Cold winter snow falls
Then melts in the spring sunshine
Bringing hope and growth


Mouse by George age 9 (An extra Well Done to George for entering at such a young age!)

A little brown mouse
Scrambles across the garden
It nibbles a nut


Hopes of Spring by Lucy

Blossoming cherries
Scent the air with Spring perfume;
Heady days ahead


My Miracle by Lale

Best thing I have heard…
Teenyweeny heartbeats of
Little she in me!


Please Leave a Message. by Jon

I hear the phone ring.
Why does the phone always ring
when I’m in the shower?



SPECIAL COMMENDATION FOR Captain Tom by Sheila T - Because we liked it!

Goodnight Captain Tom.
A lockdown inspiration,
uniting us all.

You took the challenge
to walk laps of your garden,
raising a huge sum.

You reached number one
with "You'll Never Walk Alone",
sung with Michael Ball.

At age one hundred,
you were knighted by the Queen
becoming a Sir.

In your foundation
your legacy continues
to help those in need.

Your work here is done;
you will not be forgotten.
So now, rest in peace.




" THE SURPRISE " by Jane

January came,
Presenting pure white beauty.
The snowdrop settled in.


Personal Perspective by Laura

I have the virus
Yes, the COVID-19 one
I do not feel well.

I have slept a lot
And I'm drinking lots of juice
But not peeing much

I am staying home
My husband has to as well
He is getting bored

I work in a place
Where this is really deadly
I'm not scared for me

Caring by nature
Wouldn't wish this on a foe
Wish I were immune

I'd go back to work
I'd carry on as before
Now, I isolate

When I get better
I am hoping that I do
I will be careful


Dailsy by Judith

Observe the daisy
How the grains of pollen fall ...
Haiku are diffic-


A Meeting of Goldfinches by Patricia 

A goldfinch party,
With sunflower seeds
and crystal clear water.



Golden daffodils,
Trumpets blown to herald spring.
Silently gather.


ButterCup Syrup by Chris

Buttercup syrup good for
Colds and flu.
Its just finding buttercups.


Greenary by Chris

The factory  stands empty
Upon the green, once full of actvity
change due to Covid19.



In my night's torment,
The winter of discontent,
Creeps chillingly on.



He exposed his lies.
Although his lips cracked a smile,
His eyes showed winter.



Bulbous eyed I croaked.
Amongst the lonely shadows,
The night's echo spoke.



Those with a dark soul,
Feel the winter of despair,
In their own dungeon.



Children’s faces glow
Snowball fight on a cold day
Splat! That sure hit home!


'Bluebells’ by Gill 

Springtime bluebells bloom,
beautiful carpets of blue
sweetly scent the air.


New Year’s Eve by Jules 

We closed the front door
Shared our revelry online
Hugs for tomorrow


Black Bird by Judith

Black bird turns black leaves
Looking for Persephone
To bring back green spring.


Snow Showers by Chris

Snow showers come and go
We are warm has toast sitting indoors
Let the snow fall crisp.


Now by Katharine

The news is not good.
Stay home and stay safe for now
Better times will come.


Courtship by Rosie

Laid in bed
Pigeon cooing on roof
A mate is sought


Warm by Katharine

Grey skies predict snow.
Will we wake to snowy scenes?
For now we stay warm.


On my allotment by Melissa

On my allotment
An Orange Tipped Butterfly
A Sure Sign of Spring


Daffodils by Melissa

Rows of Daffodils
Refreshingly crisp Spring air
Pidgeons fly aloft


WINTER by Christine

The snow has fallen
The Robin searches for worms
Dinner now sorted


Think Postive by Chris

Oh, we will survive this?
Good days, bad days COVID19 virus days
Think  Spring flowers,honey bees.


Weather Clock by Chris

Clear blue skies and pathways
Its time to venture outdoors to shops.
Before the next fall of snow.


Please Leave a Message. by Jon

I hear the phone ring.
Why does the phone always ring
when I’m in the shower?


A Sunday Afternoon by Ursula

Clip clop of horse hooves
wakes me up to the present.
Don’t miss a moment!

Shouts of football joy
tumble to my waiting ears,
hearing everything .....

Luminous green grass
holds dewdrops of tiny lights,
dancing in stillness

Shiny red apple.
Biting into the crisp skin
tastes sweetly divine.

Beautiful Sunday!
White cloud beings morph and switch,
Enjoying blue sky

Journey to wholeness
I sit calmly with husband
under Autumn sun ❤️


Lovesick by Paul

Flushed cheeks, racing heart
Is this first love I'm feeling?
Dad says it's covid


A Japanese haiku by Judith

Bare branches etch sky,
But cherry blossom will drift
Blessings on your head.


Cold Winter by Pauline

Snow is floating
No sound
Cotton wool, the ground


Morning by Elaine

The morning spell cast.
My husband becomes the dog
When I wake for tea.


Tears by Judith

Tears fall in the lake
But they are less important
Than springs that feed it.


Silence by Frances

Snowflake promises
Excited exultation
Raindrops fall like tears



Skating on thin ice
Precarious, exciting.
Whoops! It’s Wintertime!


Reflection by Katie

Sun sets once again
Whilst waves crash against the rocks
I reflect the day


Hope by David

Cold winter snow falls
Then melts in the spring sunshine
Bringing hope and growth


Circle of life by David

The garden is alive
noisy sparrows, stealthy hawks
watching, then swooping!


Falling Leaves by Philippa

The red moon casts light
Leaves flutter and fall downwards.
Sleeping earth awaits the spring.


The Heron by Philippa

Waves ripple gently
The heron stands. His outline
Stark against blue skies


Green Thoughts by Chris

Bright green shoots appear
There will be,
The scent of Hyacinth.


Paint Box by Chris

Red sky amid pale blue
Purple clouds appear,
A sight for the eye.


The Crisis of the Dual Nature of Dr Jekyll- A Document by Detective Utterson. by Yusuf 15yr

Folk have darker sides,
Some accept and some deny,
Both suffer, Both Hyde.


DogDays by Chris

Meeting in the park
The wagging of tails,
To say "hello.


Rambling Rose by Chris

Roses  wild and free
Away from human touch
Valtines Day faraway.


Snow by Philippa 

Ice crystals glisten
As twilight shadows flicker
On snow laden earth


Hope by Sheila

Mask on, get in line.
Sharp scratch, all done, home for tea.
Soon, immunity.


Hope by Sam

Cherry blossom time
Spring is in the air
Hope returns


Overcast by Chris

Black shadows appear
The sky gray,
A dull Wintry day.


Grey Squirrel By Chris

Sitting on a branch with busy tail
Watching the sun shine
Through the trees, clear blue skies.


Sweet Dreams by Chris

Snow flakes falling fast
Dreams of sandy beachs, blue lagoons.
Why carn't it happen?


'Happiness' by Lisa

The sun is shining,
birds are singing in the trees
It is a good day



The artist painted -
blue skies on a sunny day.
The rain came - oh splash!



Greeny blue flashes -
Aurora borealis
Dancing in the dark

FROST Diamonds

Twinkling bright for all to see
In early morning light,
Oh,so pretty, frost diamonds.


Hope by Sheila

Morning sky is grey.
My dog greets me joyfully,
The day is brighter.


Sunrise by Chris

Red sunrise amid blue sky
White snow covering ground.
What a surprize?


A dog plays by Judith

So free! A dog plays,
He truffles through the new snow
Looking for his ball.


Snowfall by Karen

Morning weighs heavy
Beneath Winter's whitest cloak.
Birds search for a meal.


Winter by Kelly

Magical Winter
A little, merry house walks
whilst watching the king.


Transformation by Chris

Snow falling fast
Alone bird sitting  upon a bough
Watching everything turn white.


Snow Goose by Christine

Mother has plucked the goose
Snow falling fast,
Far has one can see.


Corona Virus by Tracey

Corona virus
You have wrecked too many lives
Now it’s time to sleep


Skip Bunny by Chris

Bunny Easter eggs in the shops
Early February,
Before Valentines day.
A sign of better days ahead.


Clear Skies by Chris

Bright sun shine
Slow movement of green trees,
Gentle breeze with clear sky.
No Winter blues.


Mask by Jackie

The masks hide the smiles
We lost the look of delight
Locked in Covid gloom 


Mantra by Judith

Swans on still water
Swans beneath swans on water
Perfect reflections.

Reflect by the lake
Take this moment, the white swans
To the busy day.

In the day’s tangles
Recall the swans beneath swans
You by the lake. You.

You by the lakeside
Four swans, eight swans in water
You, part of the peace.


Darkness by Chris

Dark dusky mornings
Birds chirping,
Cool air no wind.


Lockdown snow by Judith

She brings a white crate
The crate is filled with white cold
Outside in for us.



Winter, icy cold.
Robin Redbreast, oh so bold.
Nimble nematode!



Leafless, lifeless trees,
Branches bare against the sky -
Buds will surely come.



Howling gales, deep snow.
We are in Winter's icy grasp,
But snow and ice melt ...



Bright sun, but sharp frost
Heralding Winter's approach.
Hot stew and apple pie!



Lone leaf pirouettes
Descending dizzily to
Patient, waiting earth.



Winter, don't forget
Is worthy of an epithet.
Days are short - and yet ...


January by Judith

January sun
Returned to bless the snowdrop
It will always be.

Struggling from the mulch
The daffodil emerges
It will always be.

The dew laced cobwebs
Such fragile-seeming etchings
Bely tensile strength.

It will always be
The constancy of seasons
Trust Gaia, wait, see.


Pen by Stian

Pacific nighttime
A ballpoint tiny pen writes
Out of blood


The Wolf by Stian

Hearty summertime
A hungry furry wolf plays
With her little ball


The Box by Stian

Dampen eventide
A little joyful box soars
Because of the rock


My Miracle by Lale

Best thing I have heard…
Teenyweeny heartbeats of
Little she in me!


Missing Back Then by Lale

Stood before a cave
In the sea and I dreamt the
Innocent of thee


Rain and Sun by Sheila

Rain on my window.
Rays of sun between grey clouds,
Beautiful rainbow!


Living in pain by Sophie

You feel your bones rip,
As you get out of your bed,
you smile and get up.


Spring Flowers by Chris

Daffodils in bloom
Oh, what a pretty sight,
Thoughts of Spring.


Laugh /Smile by Chris

A laugh, a smile
Helps to lighten
The day.


Remembering J 27/01/12 by Sally

Memories of him
Rise in transient smokey curls
Towards his Heaven


Lockdown Hope, by Keith 

Although it feels that
Lockdown is never ending
Hope springs eternal.


Return call by Carole

Lockdown world is still
Silence is ringing loudly
Normality calls


Raisin Bread by Chris

Crisp and brown
For toast,
Home baking effort.


Nature's Escape by Sonia

Snowy mystical,
Clean, crisp, exquisitely white,
Blanks the pandemic.

Writing Challenge by Chris

A writers thoughts and ideas
Come at iregular hours,
So, pen and paper ready.


Chorus by Chris

A welcoming chorus of birds
Cheers up,
Dark and dreary Wintery mornings.


Daffodils by Christine

Yellow lights  brighting up
A dreary day.
Bringing thoughts of  Spring.


New Beginnings by Sheila T

Blue skies, warming sun.
Birds sing, plants shoot, nature stirs.
Spring is on its way.


Cat by Judith

Whatever the day
My unconditional cat
Sings when he sees me.


Teapot by Judith

Teapot, oh teapot,
Your warm round little body
Is so comforting.


Mouse by George age 9

A little brown mouse
Scrambles across the garden
It nibbles a nut


Fetch by Sheila

Fetch it! The dog runs,
Proudly returns. Where's the ball?
Never mind. Good boy!


Teatime by Sheila

A nice cup of tea
Makes it all better, they say.
If only it could.


Only now matters by Judith

George watches the mouse
Quietly writes down a haiku
The mouse does not know.

Boy playing in snow
Makes himself a snow castle
King of his castle! 

Only now matters
The boy and the mouse are kings
Captured in pictures.


A problem Shared by Chris

Turn everything over
Looking at things from the grass roots
You will get an answer?


Captain Tom by Sheila T

Goodnight Captain Tom.
A lockdown inspiration,
uniting us all.

You took the challenge
to walk laps of your garden,
raising a huge sum.

You reached number one
with "You'll Never Walk Alone",
sung with Michael Ball.

At age one hundred,
you were knighted by the Queen
becoming a Sir.

In your foundation
your legacy continues
to help those in need.

Your work here is done;
you will not be forgotten.
So now, rest in peace.


Just Before Dusk by Christine

A vase of daffodils
Upon my window ledge.
Clear blue skies, fluffy clouds.
Birds twittering from afar.


KINDNESS by Christine

A smile,
Time spent helping others
Kind thoughts.

Makes life worth while
During these stressful times
With COVID19.


Announcing the Morning by Abundio

The cocks crow at dawn,
Serves as the heralding horns,
Morning will come soon.


Spices at Dawn by Abundio

Hope is the cocks crowing,
Love is the coming morning,
Spices of my dream.


Waiting the Morning by Vivo

Happy is the dawn,
As we hope for lovely morn,
Surely coming soon.


Valentine’s proposal by Rebecca

Red roses, candles  
Heartfelt anticipation
Love, true...will you...yes     


Lockdown ends by Rebecca

Lockdown ends...relief normality
Hesitant ... Small steps...  ...freedom 


Bring Sun by by Rebecca

Bring sun to others
Smile, laugh, give, ask, hold, listen
Time, love, happiness


Lockdown positives by Rebecca

Lockdown positives
Walks, baking,  family time
Value health, laughs, life.


The snowflake by Cynneth

Icy cold snowflake
from the sky above, falling,
melts on my warm skin.


Cool Wind by Chris

Vitality to my skin
Brain alert
Shopping trip complete.


Respecting the NHS by Thomas aged 8.

Painting and eating,
A rainbow every day,
To thank NHS.


Dawn by Chris

Snow spears hit frosty ground
Amid the ice
Specks of bright green appear.

Indoors Daffodil, Tulip and lily.
Raise  their heads high
A sign of Spring,


Blue by Judith

The postman is here
There is a blue envelope ...
Shall I be blue too?


A wonder by Judith

There are no roses .
I shall study the snowdrops.  
Each one a wonder.


Kyoto by Judith

even in Kyoto
when I hear the cuckoo
I long for Kyoto


Hope by Jenny

Beautiful night sky
Each star a symbol of hope
In this together.


Falling by Sheila

Slip. Crash! Oh my arm!
See the X-ray, broken bone.
Plaster cast, six weeks.


Dad by Liz

I miss my best friend
Summoned to a better place
We will meet again


Images by Paul

People past, though still alive
In my sad mind's eye
Linger long as seasons pass


COVID JAB by Chris

The prick of a needle
Yellow fluid flows into my arm
Nausea climbing into taxi home.


Trying Times by Angela

Silence everywhere,
All the people have gone,
Had my jab today,
Feeling grateful,
Feeling hopeful,
Feeling sad


The Robin by Chris

Mr Robin on branch
A welcome look and stare
A flutter not there


Sunlight by Paul

Clouds chase across a grey sky
Sunlight beams down, warms
The earth, cold homes, and people


The Sun by Paul

The sun enlightens the minds
Of cold, sad people
Brings growth, joy, relief and hope


COVID Days by Herb

Mom Superwoman
Slumps down a Krytonite couch
Unable to move

Coronavirus By Sebastian

Changing how we live our lives
Let’s all get the jab!


S.A.D. by Bernard

The clouds have a way
of creeping in unannounced,
chase away the day.



Starts in Alaska,
flies non-stop to New Zealand.
Behold the Godwit.


Winter in Norway.
Dance with the Tricky Lady.
Embrace the Dark Time.

IT'S A BOY by Bernard

Out he comes head first.
Another baby is born
Father on the floor.



Came across the seas
in floating houses to bring
your God and disease.



From green to naked
in the space of a few weeks.
Winter comes once more.

SAVING by martin

Save save save again
Saving for a rainy day
Now I have enough


Clear Horizon by Chris

Staying together
A sign of love, hope and peace
growing stronger.


Golden Girl by Chris

Patience and understanding needed
Grumpy pensioner,
Using the internet avoid?


HOPE by Melanie

Lockdown Misery
Hope is needed -it’s Springtime!
A new beginning


After thought by Chris

A time to ponder?
All the sixs no noughts
No grumpy pensioner today?


Winter by Ann

"Blue sky, a delight.
snowdrops sway in icy wind
Keep warm, stay indoors"


Winter Cold by Aamna 

I am so so cold
The snow looks like a blanket
Hot chocolate warms me so


A Truism by Paul

Lies and spin degrade our world,
Harm and hurt us all.
The truth is so much better.


Growing Pains by Paul

My head has grown much larger
Since small boy was I
Who used to be kind and sweet


Freedom by Christine

Love birds huddled together
Wild and free,
Looking out to sea.


Baking Day by Chris

Oat meal cookies in a jar
Freshly baked,
A thrill to the taste buds.


Picasso by Judith

Daffodils’ yellow
Colour swirling from trumpets
Picasso felt this...


Spring flowers by Christine

Daffodils in bud,
Crocuses are in full bloom;
Spring is almost here


Washing up by Chris

Dish dong day
Dipping into warm water
To  wash plates.


Lemmington by Chris

Lemmings looking out to sea
What a sight ?
Before burrowing under grey rocks.


Passing Time by Paul

A touch, a glance, a moment,
Remembered then,
Passes to our memory


Love by Christine

Growing stronger every day
So sweet lovely
Growing stronger every day



I see a snow moon
In cold crystal clear water.
Catch the moon tonight


Moving Forward by Christine

My thoughts today
Happy days/ bad days
Sunshine and rain.


Colin the Lockdown Greyhound by Daniel

Got a lockdown dog
Walked him till his legs are stumps
Now no space on couch.


Weather Map by Christine

Wet rainy day
Overcast sky,
A Cool wind.


G Parkinson Undestiny by Southend

Fading in and out
The undestiny is live
In white snow of fear


My Heat by Sherry

Foxprints in the snow,
Silent New Year visitor.
My heart calls to you!


Groundhog or whole hog by Kelly

Another day's begun,
Whether it be dull or fun,
Make sure it's well done!


SPRING by Cathy

Apple blossom time
Drifting silently along
Announcing it's spring



Weeping willow bends
Nonchalant branches swaying
Awaiting their fate



Red roses blooming
Perfect specimens of life
Ready for romance


SPACE by Emma

The planet's are fine.
They used to think there were nine.
The planet Earth's mine!


Spring hope by Nina

Spring is coming now,
Hope can explode in colour-
BOOM!Flower confetti.


CHEESE by Bethany

Something smells funky.
I think it is gone off cheese.
Brings back memories.


Spark by Bethany

Today I am a ghost
Drifting down the dark hallways
Searching for my spark


Heavens Gate by Christine

Roses growing around
The gate.
Opening another sphere.


Daffodils by Christine

lighting our way
Golden delights
Oh, so pretty.



When the mask comes off
And we breathe fresh air again
The light will shine bright


Country Lanes by Jonathan

Only lefts and rights
On this summer adventure
And my trusty map


Darth Vader by Delia

Darth Vader knew what
Luke would get for Christmas. How?
He felt his presents.


Black by Rachael

A starless Sky,
Even the moon hides shyly
So dark is the night.


Spring hope by Eloise

The winter chill goes,
Bringing warmth and fresh blossoms,
We have hope again


Sunny days by Jon

I like sunny days
Smooth pebbled beach to play on
Watch fluffy clouds


Mother and Father by Andrew

There is a Goddess
Of all the planet's children
And there is a God


GONE by Sally

If I was not here
I would be over there
And you would not see


UFO by Sally

Blinded by a light
My field glasses are at hand
A huge orange sphere 


Spring arrivals by Jacky

Hibernation box,
Straw rustles, box gently moves;
Out pops Tortoise again!



Sizzling hot circle
Pancake bubbles in the pan
Flip turns into flop!


Whatever the Weather by Sheila

Snow, wind, rain or shine.
We discuss it all the time.
Even when it's fine!


Lap Top by Christine

Not a happy day,
Soon a result,
Away being repaired.


Frivolous five minutes By Judith

Did dinosaurs sing?
Pterodactyls fly skylark?
Swamps emit minims?


Spring is grey By Judith

Spring is grey today
The lake casts a reflection
Of daffodils’ lamps.


Cup Cake by Chris

Sitting so pretty on the plate,
Oh, cup cake.
Soon inches will appear to waist.


In praise of goats by Judith

Daisies star the grass
A goat kid leaps in pure joy
There are always stars


Refreshment by Susan

As rain softly falls,
brollies bloom, like daffs in spring,
and the dry earth drinks


EasterTime by Chris

Sugar, Glace, Chocolate aroma,
Forget the calories,
Look  for Easter eggs.


See things differently by Judith

Take to the branches!
Cartwheel and then hug a tree!
See things differently!


Time by Judith

The world spun too fast
People rushed to do nothing
Now trees have the time


A newt pond in spring by Christine

Moments of rising
A flash, a wiggle, back down
Then motionless waits


Dawn chorus by Christine

A chatter of birds
Like a school playground at lunch
A new dawn greets us


The Nervous Snail by Christine

One eye extends out
Curiosity brings two
Quick! danger! Retreat!


Mona Lisa by Jane

Set apart she sits
Watching the Master at work.
The Mona Lisa.


Teddy Thoughts by Chris

Jemma and Pippa  grown up
Teddy sitting forlorn
Hoping, for a new home.


Puppy Days by Chris

Puppy playing in the garden
Giving a yelp,
Getting stung by a bee.


Shimmer by Chris

Shining bright upon the grass
Frost diamonds,
Everything so still early dawn.


Cookie Dip by Chris

Chocolate and almond cookies
Ho,so sweet,
Cooling on the tray.


Getting Up by Chris

The twittering of birds,
Clear blue sky,
Another day begins.


Attention by Ellie

I really need it
I need all your attention
My snaps, posts, your likes.


Umbrellas by Cathy

Umbrellas are up
Raindrops bounce off the pavement
God's crying again


Thought Of The Day by Chris

Upon the green
Pigoen strolling
With fine plumage.


Deluge by Cathy

Scarlet droplets fall
A sudden painless deluge
It's just a nose bleed


Luxury by Andie

Spring’s magnificence
Buttercupping the senses
With tastes of sunshine



Spring flowers of gold,
Purple and white, shine again.
Bright warm thoughts are here.


Day In by Lucy

Another day in.
But the sunshine brings a smile
As the flowers bloom


Morning Routine by Lucy

Every morning
I sit in bed with a mug
And ponder the day

Time’s Past by Lucy

Dreaming of the days
When it wasn’t illegal
To have a friend round.

Hopes of Spring by Lucy

Blossoming cherries
Scent the air with Spring perfume;
Heady days ahead

Water Walks by Lucy

Walking down the locks
Of the canals, by marshes.
Peace by the water


At the shops by Amy

At the shops again
Oh no I forgot my mask
And back home we go


My Local Park by Martin

In Hatherley Park
Volunteers garden
on each dry Thursday.


Natures Way by Christine

Flowers in  bloom
Foals frolicking,
Ewe with lamb.


Spring time by Christine

Budding flowers raise their heads
New born chicks,
Foals and lambs  at play.


Luxury by Andie by Judith

Spring’s magnificence
Buttercupping the senses
With tastes of sunshine


Spider by Emily

I saw a spider
It ran underneath my bed
Time to move house now


Lockdown blues. by Christine

Remove make up from carpet
Neat nail varnish remover.
brocken toilet refil, blur tac.



Striking setting sun
Across the darkening sky.
Moonlight approaches.                                                             


Spider by Judith

Pet tarantula
Arachnid thoughts are profound
Ponder who owns whom


Garden Guest by Charlotte

Sweet Robin here again!
Always Curious and kind.
Hello Mr Red-breast!


Meet again by Lauren

Watching days go by,
Lockdown is never ending,
We will meet again.


Spring By Jan

Blossom heralds spring
Warm lengthening days ahead
New life eternal


Storm Weathered. by Gillian

splashes of sunshine,
petals drift through greening trees -
my world reopens


What do you see ? by Susan

Look into my eyes
Red coats, horses, horns and hounds
The thrill of the chase


Chalky Whites by Christine

Chalky Whites Gym
Jogging bottoms always welcome,
Fun for all.



Delicate beauty,
She lands with such gracefulness.
Stunning butterfly.                                                         

Lone Chrous by Chris

A tranquil scene
Daffodils peacefully,
Standing  so tall.



Morning has broken,
light streams in through window panes.
Birds sing dawn chorus.


Dusk by Chris

Dark shadows appear
Just before,
Dawn lit sky.


We by Danielle

Don’t say I say we
We are in this together
It will get brighter


Struggle by Danielle

A lockdown struggle
Watch the sunset and exhale
Find peace in nature


The Streets by Danielle

Cyclists filling roads
Runners taking the pavements
Our streets of self-care


Endorphins by Danielle

Chasing the sunset
Pedalling faster, faster
Endorphin hit. Tick.


Social Media by Danielle

Chaos fills our feed
Our heads become bamboozled
Time for a time out


What's up this year by Christopher

To the world today
Dusk and fog are not gone yet
Well, see you next year


Covet no covid by Christopher

Streets fall to silence
Rainbow on plaques in streets
Over covid sign


Family time by Christopher

Cold drinks on table
Laughter flung over by fan
From the living room


Time in Quarantine by Christopher

Until covid ends
Counting how fast my life goes
In bandwidth and bytes


Left behind by Christopher

Crimson skies, late sun
Flocks of birds travel abroad
Leaving me ignored


Morning routine by Christopher

Coffee morning scent
Clock slowly drifts deep back far
Heart forms crescent


Solitude by the beach by Christopher

Majestic tide pool
The solitude served for me
Just waves of babble


Journey to other side by Christopher

Circling horizon
The other side of water
Nothing but blue sheet


Rite for season change by Christopher

Jumping orchestra
Ice-breaking series of laugh
Sun dusts off winter


Online vacation by Christopher

Seasons whisper
Nature storytells itself
On instagram posts


Chill Out by Chris

A cool fresh day
Clocks forward weekend,
Spring on the way.


Thoughts of the day by Chris

Frostie  roof tops
In the garden of love,
All is blooming.


Blackbird by Chris

Sitting upon fence,
Sweet song,
Bright orange bill.


Garden Hues by Christine

Early garden light
Pretty  flowers,
Seen  upon laburnam.


Bird Song by Chris

Birds high in  trees
Oh, so sweet,
Singing their song.


Dog and Sqirrels.(Foot hold) by Chris

Stumpy legs try to climb tree
Sharp bark of dog,
Grey figures scurry away fast.


Falling (part 2) by Sheila

Six weeks later now.
Cast came off my wrist, hooray!
Stiff and sore, but free! 


Birdsong by Jacky

I heard a cuckoo;
“Spring has sprung” called all day long;  interminably


New Baby by Jane

Curled into a ball
Soft, fluffy and ' Oh so cute '
The kitten is home.


Dusky Thoughts by Chris

Another day begins
Dusky sky,
Dew upon grass.


Doggie by Chris

Free of leash
Chasing  squirrel.
Through green shrubs.


Sombre thoughts by Chris

All is  over cast
Waiting for rain fall.


Happy cat by Amelia

Here comes the new spring
The happy cat's adventures
Envied by the kids


New normal by Sarah

Our lives are changing,
Masks, hand washing, 2 metres,
Our strange new normal!


Ducks by Judith

Ducks dabble and splash
A boat creates ripples
They bob to the boat

The river flows on
Sun refracts on the water
The moon’s orb reflects


Be Kind by Jenny

The world has gone mad
Strangers judging without facts.
Where has ‘Be Kind’ gone?



Protect all nature,
Life is such a precious thing.
Be kind to the world.


Between the pages by Andie

Scarlet perfection
Velvet summer long ago
Rashly picked for love


Falsies by Andie

A new face will help
To make a liar of time
Skin deep illusion


Nature's Recycler by Melanie

The resourceful bird
Sees an old twigs potential
To be a new home



A shot in the arm,

It's done, ' I am protected
No Covid for me!


Summer by Vivien

There's warmth in the sun,
Buds are forming on the trees.
Summer's on it's way.


The Robin by Viv

Robin in its nest,
keeping from the cold.
Wishing it was spring.


Wind Rush by Chris

A breeze blows
All blooms,
In loves garden.


pepuptheday by Viva

Check pepuptheday
Email newsletter I read
Sunrise in my face


Easter Time by Victoria

It is nearly here
Easter time will soon arrive
Lots of chocolate!


Haiku For You by Fiona

You want a haiku
Five, seven, five is the lot
Syllables I got.


Boat by Martin

I bought a new boat
Took it for a lovely ride
Suez Canal. Blocked.


A Leaf by Anna

red dog in the park
is playing with fallen leaves
it's time to leave now


Dawn by Anna

we free from nature
closed in pandemic covid
sun before the glass


Pigeon Thoughts by Chris

Pigeon upon the fence
Ruffled feathers,
A cool wind blows.


Spring by Christine

Haiku, Haiku, Hai
Chirrups the bird upon high
Spring is upon us!


Spring Awakening By Liz

Lockdown aurora
A fresh awakening, breathes
at the old freedom


Whispers by Chris

Heavy rain falls with hail stones
Whispering wind  blows,
Through the trees, grey sky appears.



Lonely and untouched,
Self-isolating for months,
The curse of Covid.


Isolation by Nina

The noise is silent
Eyes are not able to see
Living becomes death



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