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Mini Saga Entries 2020 - Page 2 of entries to the Mini Saga Competition 2020


The Fog by Athena Constantinou

The dense, ghostly fog settled over the city like a curse, crawling around every corner, devouring everything in its path.

The townspeople had been warned not to go near the bridge, but some children did, and now one was missing.
Until they caught a glimpse of red in the water.

The birthday by Clair Dicker

“Happy birthday my darling” she beamed, placing the cake in the centre of the table, it’s candles lighting her chin.

“Don’t worry, silly, no-one is counting!”

She sat in her chair at the table and raised her mug. She closed her eyes, inhaled and softly blew. “Until we meet again”

Regarding a woman by Clair Dicker

Don’t tell her to cheer up when she’s down. Don’t tell her to calm down when she’s up. If you don’t realise there’s a sting in her eyes then you’re not ready to hear a girl sing. Love and admire, all of her sides, her edges smooth into a ring

Dressing Down - Christine Law

Here we go? Said Jessie, no time like the present. Winking her eye at the sales assistant, has she delved into the pile of dresses. The advantage of a big bum was no one stayed around to look. She hoped that, her fiance John would be pleased with the  dress.

Carousel by Amanda Quinn

You choose a horse with your name. Up here - between Rosie and May - it’s not
old fashioned. You remember your hair once curled without weekly appointments.
How it is to move without a stick or kind arm. What it’s like to be noticed. If only you
could stay.

Dating by Amanda Quinn

‘What do you mean you had to “dial up” the internet?’
‘It wasn’t that long ago,’ I say. But it’s another thing. Like how, on our first date, you
didn’t know who was singing Superstition.
I don’t know whether I want to keep explaining. All the years that separate us.

At the Fairground by Amanda Quinn

I don’t know why I chose you. I thought you were Dan’s flatmate, the one that did
Geography. But you were someone else. You steered towards conflict, aiming to
thrill. I felt your muscles tense as you pressed down on the pedal. Sparks crackled
above us and our story began.


The job had been given to someone else.  She never did well in interviews. 

“Most staff are affected and are expected to remain in hospital for several days.  The source of the outbreak is not known.”

She had watched enough CSI programmes to know how not to leave any trace.

Leaf by Christine Law

Floating in the clear blue  sky a life that once was bright and shiny green. Now a  crisp golden brown. Not yet ready to die? Soon  new life will appear from yonder shrub. The blue pale blue flowers still shine. its  all down to a creation of man and god.

6.30am by Judith Green

Her dog walk was too early - she was alone in the park.

When she saw him, he was standing, shoulders hunched, motionless by the lake.

She watched, heart racing, wishing she had company.

Suddenly, he turned her way and lunged,

lifted from the water, a fish flapping in his beak.

Autumn Thoughts by Christine Law

Everything is silent the last glow of Autumn before the frost sets in. The trees of green amid a cluster of gold and brown leaves upon the ground and bushs. A tired rose hangs to her stem, will she survive tomorrow? Wait and see whispers the wind?  Blowing the trees.

Five Black Crows by Christine Law

Five black shadows sitting up straight and serine like sentrys on guard. Looking towards the horizan , on this wet and windy day. What must they be thinking? With only grey skies ahead the tree their upon sitting remains a black shadow on the landscape. Not a cloud  insight. So dull.

Laburnam Tree by Christine Law

The scent of Autumn an array of beautiful gold and red leaves spread out in pattern for all to see. Reminding use that Autumn can be a time to rejoice. Letting go of ones woes for just one fine day. Has the wind doth blow, yonder green grass and fence.

Feline Good by Liz Denial

I was awakened by his tongue gently caressing my ears, my eyes, my mouth. His eyes gazed longingly into mine. No man had touched my heart the way that Charlie did. He was the love of my life, handsome, muscular, sleek black fur. Yes, Charlie was the most adorable cat.

Whats Happening? by Christine Law

The kettle boils.  I'm deciding what to have for breakfast.  It's 6am in the morning, outside it is still very dark.  I wonder how the day will progress. Will we have a break from the rain? Picking up a banana I sigh. Not long before  the light appears.Another day.

Not ready to die, not yet by Anvita Nadgir
Hang on Natalia, there are numerous ways to die, but for you starvation is not going to be

I'll cheat, beg, bribe, steal, to make sure you are fed.
The sputtering and choking was hardly an adequate answer.
Nanoseconds of appreciation in her eyes, and she never awoke again.

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside…by Linda Hibbin

Chocolate spread and banana sandwiches taste so much better by the sea.

It rained.

Excursion cancelled.

‘Let’s picnic here,’ said mum. ‘Look, this carpet is magic. We can fly over the sea.’

Disgusted, he throws his sandwiches over the side.

Seagulls swoop, catching them before they fall into the waves.

Reckoning by Christina Nordlander

White-coated priests walk up and down our rows, swabbing patches of skin with holy water, reading our sin levels with automated confessors.

To the right, those who test negative vanish into the lifts of crystalline towers. To the left are guards with bayonets and the entrance to a slag-bottomed quarry.

Timmy by Sarah Webb

Timmy was not allowed to hold the class hamster. Everyone knew he was too rough, would squeeze too tightly. The teacher knew this as he approached the cage. As she stepped towards Timmy  to redirect him, she heard and felt a crunch. The hamster had not been in the cage.

Winter Blues by Christine Law

Has the wind blew you could hear the russtle of the gold and green leaves. While the pink roses clung to their stems. Soon the trees would be brown shadows in the pale grey sky. Alfie the Jack Russel slept by the fire. With one eye open,not going outdoors

We're Written in The Cards by Afifa Ghauri

I stare at the pair of mesmerizing hazel eyes across the counter before I realise that the eyes are staring back, glittering with mischief. I quickly look away, blushing.

"Your total will be 24.68." I can hear the smirk in his voice.
"Thank you."
"Please shop here again."

With pleasure.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Winning Actress by Helen Aitchison

The crowd were going wild. Ironically, her whole life had become an Oscar winning act. The
deceptive mask she wore, lies that fell out her mouth like spilt water onto the floor. Downing the
last glass of wine, she entered the stage.
She would ring the alcoholics support group, tomorrow.

Snapped by Helen Aitchison

Resentment was a poisonous emotion thought Penny. Her marriage wasn’t always toxic. It was love,
perceived perfection. Disintegrated into vicious lies, lethal destruction. Psychological torment,
physical degradation.
Until she snapped, Mack, on the stairs, humiliating her.
She called the Police, ‘It’s my husband, I think he’s dead. He tripped over’.

This is our fight by Sophie Gilhooly

“Take a deep breath Sophie!”, I tell myself, as I prepare for the day ahead.
My routine. Scrubs. Mask. Apron. Gloves.
The alcohol gel stings the dry, cracked skin across my knuckles.
But this is what I chose. To care for others.
This is COVID-19 and this is our fight.

Resolute by Sean Loftus

Tom stands shaking in the kitchen, dripping knife in hand, face splattered with his neighbour’s fresh, red blood. The cold, empty apartment is no comfort: he has no one to hold, touch, caress.
Now the screams: they know.
He sinks to his knees and cries. Sobs. “What have I done!?”

Count Dow By Blulu

Fife... was where Count Down ruled and served his people.

For...tunately, ‘his people’ loved him, respected him, and accepted him as their ambassador.

Free...dom for all, being what he most wanted and strove for.

“To...gether we’ll endeavour” was his motto

Won...der what became of him - and his son...


Eratigena atrica by Judith Green

She screamed when she saw me. She  screamed!

I could have - trying to climb the unscalable walls, slipping, trying again, exhausted. I needed compassion, a glass or something, a bedsheet to let myself down by, but she kept screaming, ‘There’s another one in the bath! Come and get it out! ‘

Alice in Wonderland

The Swop by Margaret Brain

Valentina was very depressed.
She didn’t want to go on living, and told her Aunt, who had died a year earlier.
“ Come and join me said her Aunt.“ We can have fun together, haunting places!
So Valentina let her Aunt take her soul, and her Aunt took over her body.

"MAY DAY" by Jane Elizabeth Williams

It was a perfect take off, the plane dived into the depths of the deep blue sky.
Later turbulence happened, with each wave the plane tried correcting itself, but seemed to be drowning - losing control.
Falling and crash landing onto rocks.
The pilot with remote control picked up the plane !

Trapped by Phil Holland

She can’t switch off and nights are the worst. Panic, Anxiety. She's surrounded by water trapping her, or so she thinks. She wants the freedom to go. She craves sunshine and warmth. It’s so cold here. She misses the mainland. She wants to get in the car and drive away.

Unprepared by Jay Dacanay

They arrived at the hospital as he was counting deep breathes and screams.
Blankets, socks, beanies, diapers and onesies.
For the nth time he checked.
He's well prepared.
The doctor came out and talked to him.
His tears fell.
"I didn't bring my wife's favorite dress to bury her in."

You and I by Emine Yenişeker

“Is that the end for us?” she asked knowing her heart was breaking into a million pieces.
“The end will be there us only when our hearts say goodbye to each other” was his answer.
So, they kept living their lives in great sorrow yet they knew happiness is there.

LAST MAN by Ekoja Solomon

It's the eve of year 3000 and the world is in chaos. Nature's out for
revenge .Booooooooom! Blasted an angry mount Everest. With the 7
billion but one inhabitants of the earth all dead due to SDGs neglect.
As he tried to retire to bed, there's a kpuuuuum! Kpuuuum! Knock.

Two Words by Eeva Klingberg

It all boils down to two words.

Yes,or no.

Yes or no, do I want to press charges, hear the heartbeat, keep the baby?

Today we stand on equal ground. The man in the velvet shirt and the sturdy S&W against the
palm of my hand.

Yes or no?

Solitude Stands by Bethany Cody

The carpet beneath his dinky single bed is blackened with mold and smells oddly sweet. Light leaks in through a solitary window. He finds his diary, flipping through mildewed pages. In forty days a boat will come to ferry him home. He prays for a storm to stop its passage.


"There was naught I could do, son. My hands were tied," said Father.

"Tied? You are powerful father, so powerful that men bow to you. Now you say your hands were tied," I muttered in disbelief.

"You do not understand, son. There exist maxims that respect no one at all."

Our last sunset by Liza Scianni

I held my sword tightly, watching as the sun painted the world.

“Are you ready?”

I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath and looking over my shoulder, studying the man that betrayed me.

A small nod was all he earned as I swung my sword back.

Saturday Football by Derek Moody

Meet my friends early. Go to the pub.

Talk about the game today. Go to the ground.

Sit in the same seats. Teams come out.

We shout and sing.We go mad when we score.

Despair if we lose. But rain or shine we will back again the next Saturday

31st, Hallow’ella by Judith Green

Quarter to midnight. She wished ... and the coach and horses appeared.

And promptly dissolved into a pumpkin as witching hour struck. Wretched church clock,  fifteen minutes slow.

She wrenched off the one remaining shoe and ran - with just the ghost of chance she’d be in time to lay the fire.

by Melanie Burford

Rick was an entrepreneur, he owned several burger vans and video shops,
it was the eighties, and he loved to cruise down the new M25 in his ford
escort convertible.

He was tall, with dyed blonde hair and he always liked to wear a black
jacket with faded levis and a big white shirt.  He was a man for the
ladies and often hung out at the local pub by the canal and chatted them
up and got them to buy him drinks, ten he would buy them one, he was
modern like that you see.

He had two yorkshire terriers and a dalmation, which he took everywhere
with him.  This attracted the ladies too.

One such lady was a lady called Trina, but she called his bluff, and how
they met was that she crept up behind him and pinched his motorola brick
out of his jacket pocket (phones were big in those days, you could not
put them in your back pocket.)

Rick turned around in shock  with a huge glare on his face,  to see
Trina grinning behind him and  then his glare turned into a huge grin
which was so huge that it nearly touched his nose.

grey by cyn

the wind pushed the swing, my body rocking back and forth.

i stared at my purple, bloodstained hands as the fog embraced me.

the world so lonely.

everything so muffled.

no one was here, no one to watch, no one to see. so lonesome.

“i exist. goddamn. i really do.”

It seemed a good idea at the time ... by Judith Green

Afloat, awaiting salvation and overloaded - several measures above the Plimsoll line:

the cat had produced kittens, there were rabbits and mice everywhere and a thousand fleas;

the zebra was eyeing the kudu, an unplanned species ...

Then the raven brought a note: ‘Stop polluting the ocean! Please.’

And still it rained.

Alice and the White Rabbit

I do not stop loving because you’ve gone by Lale Sanem Şekercioğlu

Little girl wrote with her little fingers “Love you dad…” The sea was
calm, not a single wave. It was sunset.
Girl went home. Mom was asleep in Dad’s armchair. With his pea
coat in her lap.
A little wave cleared the sand. Then it appeared:
“Love you my girl…”

Lost In The Woods by Addy Chion Zheng Hao Pen Name: Divine Walker

A cloudy mist emerges when he does, shrouding all of the trees in fog.

            “Keion…” a voice says.

            “It’s me,” the voice says.

            “Who are you?” asks Keion.    

He follows the voice into the middle of nowhere Shite! He’s completely lost. Everywhere looks the same, indistinguishable from where he was.

PAST in the PRESENT by Sally Curtis

Where are the keys? 
Try the fridge!
Where did I leave the shopping list?
Under the iPad?
I don’t understand these instructions.
Just concentrate.
Should I downsize?
It’s your choice
Will you come with me?
I’ll always be with you
I miss you.
I miss you too
Every single day

The Dog by Phil Holland

The dog runs on the beach, sniffs in the woods and sleeps soundly in his bed. He doesn’t understand pandemic or brexit. He has become her anchor. She must get up to feed him as she must get dressed to walk him. He makes her laugh, sometimes through the tears.

Can't be choosers by Ben Sunderland

A bottle of supermarket own-brand sparkling wine. Two-dozen daffodils, moist with dew and woodland soil. Belgian chocolates only four days past their best.

Sitting cross-legged at her headstone, he wonders if she's still poor... up there.

The wine washes down the taste of the chocolate.

Until next year, my love.

Crono Fright by Malka Gluck

Lethargy sets in, throat begins to itch.  Body seems hot, body shivers cold; 38.5. Bones ache - got the ragdoll feeling. Cough. Appetite goes, too weak to decide if I am or am not struggling to breathe.  But then,
cant smell the coffee. Swab. Wait. Negative!
'Twas the flu after all.

SHOCKED by Jane Elizabeth Williams

And she ran through the forest , screaming as loudly as she could.

Icy rain beating down on her already tear soaked face.

Thunder roared angrily , lightning flashed .
Then she fell down a very dark deep hole.
A bolt hit her out of the blue -
A ' dream '  ! She suddenly realised  - awakening.

Nine Lives by Anne Bostwick

I'm a black cat on the prowl.  The door of a ruined French Renaissance style house creaks open.  A clock ticks in a timeless void.  A mouse runs through a skirting board.  Cobwebs matt my fur as I leap up ricketty stairs, eight lives flashing past me as I fall......

Push Up by Dawn Christy

Today was going to be difficult.. but she willed herself out of bed .. get up! She shouted to herself ,, she had to be positive and overcome .. she had things to do today.. once up she managed kind of ok and was glad she had pushed herself to try ..well done !

Who is on the hook? by Kerime Sak
Caught putting on that fish costume again.
“Again?” asked weary wifey.
“It is my one and only hobby. Let me, please?”
“Go ahead and catch those cheaters.”
I did so. The ones who cast their flies in the wrong season learned who is on the hook. The fish or them?

(W)As a Pawn by Kerime Sak
“The woman, who has allegedly given birth to me, was short of cash at the cashier desk, said she’ll come back
with some cash, and left me as a pawn. I sat on the counter like a product, waited. She never returned.”
“Did they put a barcode on you?”

Blinding Beauty by Kerime Sak
“No more blind dates!”
“He said he wants his wife to be very beautiful and representable”
“That sounds sound.”
“I asked to whom he’d be representing me?”
“That’s mean. What did you mean?”
“Since he’s blind – I asked.”
“It seems beauty has gone beyond the eye of the beholder.”

Entrap By  Anishtha Gupta

Shushant used to wonder about his girlfriend Rhea’s strange requests.

“Would you mind picking up some industrial-sized trash bags?”

“Can I borrow your credit card?”

“Can I borrow your duct tape?”

“Wanna hold my new pistol?”

“Just take my car keys.”

Now, sitting here in prison, it all made sense.

Covid-19 and the Mankind by Farhat Nehru

Mankind  was  enjoying its freedom until a virus covid -19 entered it.It didn't knocked the door but entered gradually till the whole mankind got infected shattering the social,political ,personal and economic life of mankind.Some people die,some recover  but a hope of bidding goodbye to virus still awaits.

Broken Soulmate by Zahra Hussain

She sat there, still, staring into the dark room, no thoughts running through her head but tears running down her face.

She heard a baby crying, it aroused no emotion in her despite having wanted a baby for many years.

A man storms in, "get up, our baby needs you!"

Cold Callers by Daisy Watt

'Hi. Don’t shoot the messenger but-‘

‘Wrong number.’

‘No, wait-‘

[Call ends.]


[New call.]

‘Ella, listen. We’re in trouble.’

‘I know.’

‘Who’s this?’

‘Me again. Fred. You called back.’


‘Look Harry, the police know.’


‘And before you tell-’




‘She reported us.’



Joyous Summer by Dawn Christy

Sun was out shining like a great golden coin ,. She was happy as she walked along summer lane , the morning was fresh and peaceful .. the birds chirped happily overhead .. the best things in life were surely free.. she had no doubt... life was nice when it was simple ... so nice .

Conservatory Hues by Christine Law

Checking the lock on her conservatory door.  Nancy had a surprise? The stray cat approached her from behind the flower container, meowing. That was how she had met Bilbo the ginger Tom.  She had found a friend for life. Both enjoyed each other's company, with the odd piece of salmon.

Meredith by Christine Law

She had learnt over the years that life wasn’t  always blue skies you had some rain to, it was all part of lives package. Meredith still had her beautiful garden and the cottage that Aunt Mabel had left her. A shame that Johnnie would not be here to share it with her.

Rapunzel, the shortened version by Judith Green

He called up the tower, said he’d come to rescue her.

He was wearing his visor, even the horse had face covering.

Seemed safe. Key? she asked.

Umm ... no. Let down your hair!

Before the mirror she checked her lippie, mascara,

regarded the scissors,

yesterday’s impulse could be a problem .

A is for apple by Judith Green

She considered the apple ...

‘Organic ...’ he tempted.

‘Don’t take treats from strangers,’ echoed in her mind, but she had no idea where her mother was

at the moment and this chap had said it would make her a clever girl ...

‘Okay.’ She’d let her other half have a bite too.

Alice in Wonderland

by Dawn Christy

Christmas is cancelled this year she laughed. Don’t be daft .. we’ll it would be good wouldn’t it dad if we got an extra summer instead what do you think.. you’re soft in head you are lass. Well I. Off to to Barbados She chirped back.. I’ll come and join ya..

by Dawn Christy

The sun shines today and it shines for all. The day is a new day oh what a new day. We have today she said let’s use it well. They went to the movies shared popcorn 🍿 and laughter ,The latest flick what a joy .. ice cream and Pepsi .. mmmm .. awesome ...

by Dawn Christy

The prison walls were closing in, no air conditioning , no peace no food , no friends no family ,, just where to turn,,.. what a feeling oh so bad could anything possibly be any worse than this .. no escape .. only the mind now could  fight for freedom ..  cold empty. Bare . Sad, alone 

"Halos"by Lori

I swear there was a halo around my husband’s head the first time I saw him. He did not say the same about me.                                             

We have both had horns now and then.

Nowadays, we have traded our otherworldly hats for the hardhats of marriage and parenting.

It’s better this way.

Guy Fawkes Night by Matthew Gooch

I watched the torch burning high. An explosion of pyrotechnics blossomed like a
flower. It was an awe-inspiring sight if ever there was one. I loved the warmth and
the idea of what was to come.
“Quick, don’t stand their staring doofus, we gotta run before this building blows up.”

Finding Love by Jane Elizabeth Williams                                   

Turning the key in the lock she entered , beautiful music played.
Discovering and opening a Silver locket - She saw him smiling up at her.
Smiling back she knew in her heart, ' She had found what she was looking for '.
Remembering he was waiting -
She hurriedly locked the musical jewellery box .

A Masterclass in Aardvark  by Judith Green

He was ‘bubbled’ with people he didn’t choose.

He would become an aardvark!  - solitary, snooze all day til late afternoon,

snack occasionally on underground cucumber, emerge from the burrow

and go foraging.

He’d practise the language , soft grunts became his communication.

Nothing new there, his daughter said pointedly.

He grunted.


A BIG SPLASH by Edith Cockburn

Hubby install new sink unit.  Does plumbing himself.  Happy with
job done asks wife to hold pail at pipe in case of leak.

Wife duly obeys.  Wife calls there is a leak!  Husband rushes to light blowlamp for repair.  Minutes later hubby shouts 'WATER' i've set
shed on fire!

All in vain by Dawn Christy

I saw him today .. but he just wanted to trash me and throw me against the wall like a ball 🎾 bouncing off .. I cried but it was all in vain the rain ☔️ poured Down and the tears ran down my cheeks .. so salty and real. Oh the sheer pain

In The Dark by Caroline Hutchings

"Mr President, not only have you won the election by a landslide, but your mammoth 'dark warfare' task is nearing completion. The smokescreen enabled the essential secrecy cover for the rescue missions and to end the abominations against mankind".
"Good, now let the trials begin - and no more fake news."

Depression by Dawn Christy

.. she woke an ache in her tummy.. oh no ! Her inner groan cried out in pain. Here it was again .. the black cloud the feeling of no motivation and dead soul.her mouth down turned like a sad caught fish .. it was always the same.. there was no escape . Sad.

Mask by Dawn Christy

...people walk scared their inner turmoil eating away at them like maggots . What was to happen in a broken china world of scattered pieces.. could it ever be fixed . She walks through a mist of fear and wonders to herself and a salty tear drops from her eye .... any hope ..

Dawn Christy

She was hurt she was a Chinese girl fourteen she jumped the crowd cheered .. so sick. How could they ..   what’s  so very  .....        wrong with society .. is this entertainment , little Chinese blossom ..true story .. so innocent and pure.. victim of sexual abuse by teacher ...her last words .. heaven must be beautiful..

World Gone Mad by Dawn Christy

World gone mad .. racism disease killing and nonsense ..where will it all end .. people killed  for skin  colour like a trophy lion .. and even that is absolutely unacceptable . Who is the beast ,, where are the heroes .. why is this happening in a supposedly civilised country gone mad .. so bad .

Under the Bed by  Dawn Christy

Sticky sweety wrappers under the bed .. fluff dirt and turmoil under the bed.. crisp bits under the bed.. dirty teddy bear under the bed .. mam ! .. have you seen my schoolbook .look under the bed ! ..a collection of bits under the bed . under the bed.. I’m warm in bed ..goodnight ..zzzzzzz...

THE PROPOSAL by Jane Elizabeth Williams

Cherry blossom  fell like confetti in the gentle breeze, as they stood outside the church.

The timing romantically perfect.
"Will you Marry me" ?  He said hopefully.
They entered the church, and looking in her diary the Vicar said -
"Of course. But I am fully booked for the month of May " !

THE  SOLDIER by Jane Elizabeth Williams

Awakened eyes - wise beyond her years.

Broken down, burned out and scarred by what she had seen.
Her heart had shattered a thousand times .
Darkness haunted and froze her.
She needed positivity and brightness, and lifting the lamp to his face
Florence Nightingale bravely fought the battle and carried on.

New Heights by Gemma Price

This was the hardest climb yet
Step after tentative step towards the top
A quick glance down at the ground far below
Should I continue or attempt the difficult journey back
Then over the summit I see him -strong arms held out ready
It will all be ok
Weeeeeeee Daddy!

Untitled by Judith Green

He’d calculated - curvature of wings, ratio of surface to beaten air.

Up here: cerulean, topaz, lapis lazuli, beneath, Crete, a tiger‘s eye in emerald.

His son laughed, ‘I’ll see more than Zeus!’


But he’d soared, forgetting warnings, and feathers began to fall, with drops of wax like tears.

Alice in Wonderland

Secret by Katherine Downey

Maureen always knew this time would come, ever since she buried them in the cold, damp ground.
Evidence slowly appearing and revealing her doings from months back. There was no hiding the matter any longer as she knelt down and carefully began to harvest her carrot crop. A super outcome.

Clean eating by Lisa Ustok

Wanting to give boyfriend a cooked breakfast on holiday. Packed all the food. Up early cooking. He took one bite, started gagging. Angry at his ingratitude, stomping into the kitchen, to discover that I had decanted the oil and dish soap into similar bottles…. cooked his whole breakfast in soap.

If you were stranded on a desert island ...b y Judith Green

I thought of him ... his wordless understanding, the way he moved, that buzzing tune always underneath his breath, and his sometimes flattery too!

Undoubtedly, his ability to hunt, for self sufficiency, would be a bonus but I  missed his company like homesickness . I’d forego any useful tools for my cat.

Alice down the Rabbit Hole

The first day by Liz Rumble

Today is the day.

I’ve been waiting so long for this – the hard work, the training courses and the dogged determination.

I feel ready, confident and focused; free from all distraction.

And as he carefully secures the harness, I lead him outside for the first day of his new-found independence.

Sailing away by Samantha Randall

"All Aboard", shouted the captain.
A desperate "Wait" he heard back.
"Well hurry up" he replied impatiently stamping his feet, "Its time to leave"
"OK" they shouted as they came close.
They both finally arrived, running as fast as they could.
"Holiday" came a squeal, then 2 voices " Hello Dad"


I'm out early this fine autumn morning, picking crabapples in the park.
I chop them, boil them with ginger, hang them in a muslin bag and think of jars of amber jelly as another droplet hits the bowl, the park keeper raging by the wrought iron gates a distant memory.

What's in a Name? by Lizette Davidson

H. Potter had special powers. He was well known for his prowess in the dark.

Solitary, special, and with many strong points, he was a prickly customer, who was quiet, but had a ball every night!

Most folks knew him as Harry, but his first name was, in fact, Hedgehog!

sender - Lisette Davidson

Silence in the forest by Sophie Randall

Standing alone in the woods, Gemma looked around hopelessly. It was dark
and the trees appeared as if they were moving. She felt herself being watched
by the trees surrounding her. A figure silently approached her as thunder and
lightning crashed. There was a flash, then darkness. It was over.

‘Exposure’ by Fiona Jesson

She could feel the heat rising up her face; sweat starting to drip and she was desperate to scratch her nose...gradually the mask slipped down and she heaved a sigh of relief, breathing in the virus droplets from the woman who smiled sympathetically next to her in the queue.

ChilliUpTheDay  ( no discrimination intended) by Judith Green

He sneaked a casual look at PepUpTheDay over her shoulder, sniffed dismissively when she looked up,
‘You could win a wine tasting, day out at Prescott ... Go Ape,‘ she added flippantly. He sniffed.
When she donned her mask and went shopping, he opened up her iPad ... hmm, fifty words only  ...

Alice in Wonderland

THE MEANING OF POWER by Jane Elizabeth Williams

Great Celebration at the Presidential Inauguration.
The people had spoken.
The President had promised  " Peace To The World ".
Never again would his people  ' fear the unknown '.
Finally waving, retreating inside
The President smiled to himself   ' the people evoked incredible power '.
 " Peace To The World "  he reiterated
pressing the nuclear button.

Unmapped by Judith Green

‘If you find this bottle,

I am testing deep ocean currents.

Email your geo-location to World Climate Research ’.


On the palm tree fringed beach, only his own daily footprints trailing him,

he hurled the bottle back in the sea.

This was the wrong way ... not what the stories said.

‘Reunited’ by Sue Price

She looked around -how would she ever find him -there were too many of them.

Then she remembered -a corner in the sea of red poppies.

Falling to her knees on the damp, French grass she

laid a hand on the small, plain,white cross.

“I’ve found you my darling”

Shades by Andie Green
‘I’ve never trusted men who wear those
They are the police interrogation spaces when the witnesses don’t know they’re being watched.
If eyes are the windows to the soul the glasses reflect the watcher, hiding,
refusing to reveal feelings.
‘So, don’t look at me. I wear them because I’m shy’

The Final picture by  Stacey Wright

The photo was found at the back of the dresser. 'The boy I gave away' it said on the back.

Who is this Mary? Asked Sarah? 'Handsome' she moaned.

Mary's GP arrived. My god he exclaimed, presenting the same photo from his wallet!

'Handsome'? Mary says, as she passes away.

Just right? by Judith Green

The disappearance of Goldilocks Wood was never solved.

Two adult bears were put on trial but prints did not match and the

circumstantial evidence was declared either too hot or too cold.

The juvenile bear did not appear.

People were warned not to go down to the woods for picnics.

Journal, December, 1503 [extract] by Judith Green

Many months she’s been sitting in the same position, the same expression on her face.

Light on canvas is poor, progress slow.

Today, the child in his basket at her feet, may have sensed it, stretched like a waking cat with a minute mewl, and the faintest smile touched her.

The Traveller by Marion Tanner

The bell tolled, she walked with the grey man ,trying to delay this as long as she possibly could desperately trying to avoid the inevitable

A flash of light ,a gust of cold air .It had happened again . where would this lead ? Was this the end,or merely another beginning. ......

LOST by Gillian Rawlins

Dusk came quickly to the Souk.
A soft touch of fabric brushed my shoulder.
Fragrant perfumes wafted from spicy tagines.
I tasted flavours of another land.
I heard the faithful being called to worship.
Narrow walls enclosed me.
I was lost, hopeless; alone in
a place far from home.

An Unsuitable Girl by David Morgans

Lata is beautiful and clever. Mum wants her to marry, soon.
Unfortunately Lata, let´s be frank, is indecisive. Her friendship
with handsome Kabir was doomed, as he´s a Muslim. Charismatic poet
Amit was dumped because he´s a dilettante. Which left cobbler Haresh.
A relationship that will last. It has sole.

The last performance by Darren Jacobs

What shall we play now Wallace’  asked Theodore
The grinding and menacing sounds of metal upon metal became suddenly louder.
‘I think nearer thy God to me is fitting Gentlemen’ Said Wallace calmly
‘And thank you all Gentlemen’
The music drifted effortlessly across the decks as the water slowly rose.

Extra Baggage by Alexandra Wright
The soldier, disembarking the troop ship, clutches his precious ones to him at last. Home. Safe. He relaxes in their love.
Only he can see the baggage he carries. These wraiths of enemy dead have dogged his steps; invaded his last redoubt. Now they dig in. They wait to attack.

Battle of the sexes By H Haigh

"I don't allow my wife to work," said Don Walker. "I provide the money and she provides for my needs.

He opened the door to show his boss in, and froze. The house was stripped bare.
Save for a single book on the floor.
"Regaining independence," by Della Walker.

No Title Samantha Storey

She looked into is eyes.was he lying to her yet again.
Her gut instinct was screaming for her to run for the hills take the children and never look back.
But no revenge is what was on her mind and mark my words he'd live to regret the day he grossed me again.

WORTH A FORTUNE by Alyson Hilbourne
Thick dirt encrusted Joe’s van.
“I’ll get it washed when I win the lottery,” Joe promised.
Neighbours pointed at the van.
Joe glared at a picture drawn in the grime — a young girl drowning in trash.
He grabbed a cloth and wiped.
“Joe! Stop! Looks like Banksy. Worth a fortune…”

The pong of gunpowder By Erzsébet Kajó

I halt.

Corey needs my help. Our help.
Andy grabs my elbow. ‘‘If I could picture anyone suddenly getting up and peeking out of the casket to make sure everyone is weeping on their funeral—it'd be him. Now let’s go.’’
He drags me along—
And we’re on the run again.

The day I learned everything happens for a reason By Erzsébet Kajó

He grabbed the chair nearest me—lifted it—and threw it clear across the room. I almost winced.

‘‘See? No difference. No consequences—no nothing.’’ He pointed. ‘‘This does not change anything. This act won't have impact on anyone's life. I proved you wrong,’’ he said.
But I remember.
I remember the chair.

Liar caught By Erzsébet Kajó

‘‘Fine. I promise.’’

I raise a brow. ‘‘Indeed so?’’
‘‘Then sign it.’’
When she made to do so, a thought struck me.
‘‘No,'' I say. ‘‘Swear it—’’ I consider my next words carefully. ‘‘On your daughter.’’
She hesitated.
‘‘So you were really going to go back on your word.’’

Hanuman ~ The Warrior's Stance By Kerry Chu

Etienne sensed something coming. He calmly observes his surroundings. It felt ugly and very dense energy, almost like death. He goes to get his pole weapon sword staff and axe.
“What perfect timing for more practice, and it’s too late to get the hell out of here!” he exclaimed wryly.

Happily Ever After By Anna Winkel
A golden-haired, fair-faced maiden ambles through the darkened woods. Upon her hip a neatly woven basket is nestled. Inside - four freshly severed royal limbs. 'He was a handsome one', she thinks proudly.
She halts as she finally reaches her beloved home. An enchanted tower... and a witch waiting for supper.

Frances Heaton

"I dislike robots!" David remarked to the new manager while having a brew. "They are despicable, cold, and made of steel".
"You need to be more progressive, think of the money they save the company". The manager placed his cup on the table, opened his body, and replaced the batteries.

Cheating - By Maêgan Boyle

The richness of her espresso eyes queried his pallid blue;
‘One, or two?’ She asked.
His heart raced. ‘Two.’
He reached for the items she offered; his hand brushing hers, and she gave a coy smile. He glanced around.
‘Thank-you,’ he stuttered, and hurried away. At last, his chocolate eclairs.

“Mini Saga to a Chain Smoker” by Viva O’Flynn
I watch you huff and puff life away through your nicotine inflamed lungs.
Your fingers worship an addiction with surgeon’s warning “cigarette smoking kills”.
You gasp, cough, huff and puff again.
“Stop!” I yell at you. It falls on deaf ears.
I remember huff and puff took my life away.

Verdict is my name By Erzsébet Kajó

‘‘Do you hear that?’’ I bring a hand to my ear as if listening. ‘‘They are coming for you.’’
The scum trashed against his bindings before, though now, he goes still as—
‘‘Why are you doing this?’’ A sob is making its way up his throat.
My grin spreads.

“Excess” by Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova, Uzbekistan
- Mom, I ask my wife to have abortion. Four children are enough for now. We are having economic troubles – said son to his mother.
- Interesting… long time ago, why your dad did not ask me the same thing? Maybe we could have become very rich without you?
Son was shocked…

“Steeplechase”- By Georgia Cook
Rain or shine, the church steeple stood over her. Even in snow, even in the deepest of winter blizzards, it rose against the landscape, sunlight brushing its high pointed roof.
One lost much in death, she thought, but one gained a permanent view; a second tombstone. She hadn’t expected that.

“Long Live The King”- By Georgia Cook
It was Charlie’s Castle; Charlie’s domain. The old leisure centre on the edge of town. A ruined labyrinth of moss and mold; cracked tiles and ghosts. Charlie knew it was his, because nobody ever visited.
Sprayed in red on one of the walls:
Long Live Charlie.
Long Live The King.

Mother By Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova

- Your poem about mothers has won our grand awards! Congratulations, - said reporter to a poet.
- Many thanks! –replied poet.
Watching this, tears came to his mother’s eyes with pride and joy. His son became a respected poet! Then all lights of retirement home have turned off. Mother went to bed.


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