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Mini Saga Entries 2020 - Page 1 of entries to the Mini Saga Competition 2020


Jump! By Debbie Mckinnon-Balding

“Jump! Don’t jump!” The voice is becoming so loud. The traffic below slowing, I visualize it
peripherally, momentarily. Engine noise becomes muffled drowned out by my inner thoughts,
demons press me to surrender this existence, bereft of life long ago. My baby cries. She has needs.
Today I will not jump.

The Face of Revenge by Barbara Compton

I found a pebble on the beach. A perfect circle, flat and black. I took it home and painted it. A yellow smiling face. The artwork of a child rather than an old man.  I threw it at my neighbour’s dog. It had bitten me the previous day. I missed.

RED HANDED STAINS by Ishita Somwanshi

The sun set most theatrically, emanating dazzling hues from zenith to horizon. A salty breeze carried the last whiff of the metallic tangy scent away. I smiled on the esplanade, his hand in mine.

The sirens roused me from my reverie, I flung the last appendage into the loyal water.

The Library Doors by Amanda Mnguni

I took a step towards him and whispered, ‘‘I came here to study, not for entertainment.’’
‘‘You think I came here to play?’’ He chuckled in disbelieve.
‘‘When people ask me stupid questions, it is my obligation to give a sarcastic remark. Don't try me,’’ I
huffed rolling my eyes.

Scream By Debbie Mckinnon-Balding

She screamed so loudly the supermarket fell silent, then a woman shrieked, pushing her trolley upto mine remarking how I should be able to control my child and prevent her from screaming like that in public places causing distress to other people. My answer? She screams because SHE is distressed!

Pieces of life, pieces of life by Andie Green

They should never have moved in together, he ate, she drank.
They should have seen they were fast tracking to the only possible outcome.
But she Insisted and in the end heart defeated head.
Now she was gone she wished...
’No, I don’t !’ she squawked
‘Parrots and people cannot cohabit’

Carefully considered reflections on a catastrophe by William Lewis

Only a fool wouldn’t have seen that coming. Only a fool wouldn’t have noticed what was happening. Only a fool would have looked away, momentarily distracted. Right up to the moment when it all fell apart. People died because of me. I knew the rules. But I am that fool.

Out of office assistance by William Lewis

Thank you for your message. I am unable to reply at the moment. An alien space ship has just landed outside my window. Eight-headed aliens clamber from the pod. They beckon, promising unearthly pleasures. I resist. I have messages to reply to. They wind their tentacles around me. Aaaaargh. Aaaaargh.

An intimate acquaintance by William Lewis

I saw you last week on TV for the first time. I recognised you. You knew I was watching you. You were talking just to me. I have waited so long for you. I know you have waited for me too. Now you are ready for my tender, savage affections.

For sale – no unreasonable offer refused by William Lewis

One life, well used. Body work battered in places. Careless running-in prevented peak performance. Occasionally serviced, but several inattentive drivers, bumpy side roads and heavy traffic have weakened inner workings. Probably beyond repair. No MOT. May suit specialist collector or could be broken up for spares. Tel: [insert own number]

Wreck ignition by William Lewis

The burner flame blows out. A moment of silence. A sudden rush of wind in my face. Flap and slap as the bright canopy crumples above my head. The basket creaks. A dog barks below. Children stare and point. The ground is rapidly approaching. I feel an accident coming on.

An understandable error by William Lewis

Gilgosh the Furious led his battle-hungry troops over the hill. Ahead of them, asleep, lay the unsuspecting Dulcinarians. The onslaught was brief, the carnage complete. Bleeding bodies littered the landscape.

A messenger arrived for Gilgosh, from the King. ‘Idiot! Just once get it right. I said left at the river.’

in Cognito by Guy Hunter

To my wife, the estate. There was some good.
To my son, the business.  Read up on empathy.
To my daughter, the art.   Get what you can at auction, travel and marry for love.
And to the vicar, keys to the beach house.  Sunday afternoons in your arms were sublime.

Bulls Eye by Christine Law

To the neighbors dismay and distain Roe and Lou enjoyed a game of Bow and Arrows in the wee small hours of the morning. The apartments below could hear those arrows going off. The shouting and war cries, became erratic till the games ceased. Bravo Bulls eye lou was pregnant.

The Saga of Eric Niglason by Steve Beadle

Hail the mighty Eric Niglason

Feared warlord of the northern fjords.

Set forth seeking new lands

Conquered some stuff.

Slayed several.

Gave a lot of vague promises

Drunk an enormous amount of other people’s ale.


Well what did you expect a skald to come up with using 50 words?

BAH...HUM BUG by Bill Watts

So here it is merry Christmas everybody’s having fun.

In the bleak mid-winter,

on a cold and winters night that was so deep,

when the snow lay round about,

twelve drummers drumming,

jingling bells.

I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas,

but when we’re all going on a summer holiday.

A Foxtrot Furore by Angela Craddock

‘Alpha male’ Charlie and ‘Romeo’ Mike enjoy dancing Tango/Foxtrot with Juliet and Sierra. Last November, Hotel Delta, Quebec, staged a dance-off. An Echo of 'Bravo' reverberated when theYankee judge awarded an Oscar, two Kilos of ice and Whiskey to Victor, his triumphant Papa. A Uniformed man ordered an X-ray!

The Hunt by Stacey Joanne McMaster

The wild beasts and men of all kind come to head the Green Man's call.
"The right of the Wylde it is invoked to, to break the back of winter's throat!"
The river's run red to replenish the corn and all it is reborn.
"Heed the Green Man's call!"

Grief: A Beginning by S De La Ossa

Late. He’s never late. In my heart, I know already and still my fingers mindlessly redial his number in endless repeat.

I dial the local hospital. Have you seen him? Dark hair, 5’10, skateboard.

“He’s here. Hit & Run.”

Face reality, oh there goes gravity. Alive? Will he survive?


Dessert and Childhoods by Lucy McMahon

“Do you remember her blackberry rhubarb crumble recipe?”

We’re cleaning her house. Three piles: trash, donations, family.

“Not by heart.”

“Wasn’t it delicious?”

“I’m allergic to rhubarb. Gives me a rash.”

In the kitchen, I find her recipe notebook.

“Can I take that?”

“Happily.” I don’t care; it smells moldy.

Curtain Call by Paul Thomas-Weston

“This stage is mine!” I’ll shout towards my crowd.

They’ll scream back, roaring like a torrent.

“I’ll be back soon!” I’ll say out of habit.

They’ll leave this theatre unknowing, unassuming.

“Are you sure this is fine?” My stagehand will ask.

This swan song is for them, they’ll be fine.

What Dwells by Paul Thomas-Weston

This forest’s darkness knows no bounds.

“Where are you?” I shout, pointless ‘till I note a house in the shroud, I see fit to invade.

Creaking open the door, I am welcomed by the beast.

“‘Scuse me mate? Lost?”

A man who has not left his dwelling in five months.

Last Love by Paul Thomas-Weston

“I love you.” I say one more time.

The words drole, tumbling and turning in this freezing room.

“I love you…” Again.

Trembling as I’m escorted to the door by reapers.

“I love you…!” I scream, knowing that even though you’re right in front of me.

You can’t hear anymore.

Humanity under cruelty by Abdullah Akram.

Protect us," they said.

Enemies guiltier than animals become a hurdle.

People of the canyon are still tolerating and waiting for the miracle.

The federations can't take action because the habituated culprit is deceitful.

"The words are not stopping like tears."

 "My heart becomes the pen and blood serve ink."

First Date by Dawn Christy 

Anything on tele tonight Georgia .. not much why.. oh I just fancied getting a bottle in  and some snacks and have a night In Together and a chill . Yeah sure why not .. wanna go Dutch .. oh go on then you’ve twisted my arm .. what we watching .. first dates ..super great !  

Wishing Bowl by Christine Law

A wish for freedom. For joy of the coming season, the linking of arms, looks of love and wonderment, delight of childrens faces, Yule tide kiss's,t winkling lights, a rustle of Christmas paper, holly and mistletoe.  In our darkest times there is hope. The song of birds and Christmas music.

JUST DESSERTS by Sandra Potter

Masonic function; wore black and white outfit, mistaken for waitress.

"You've finally arrived, young lady," barks Mr. Pompous.  "We need some drinks!".

Later. announcement made:-

"Please welcome Worshipful Brother Osborne and his lady wife".

Escorted to our table, seated next to 'Mr. Pompous'; his face went scarlet, his humiliation tangible.

Night Mist by K D Knock (Clare)

It rolls endlessly through the town, its eeriness in tow.

Menacingly creeping over the roofs of darkened houses one at a time.

Its dampness leaves drooling tears on cold paned glass.

Streets of coloured boxes disappearing.

It’s swallowing them, devouring them endlessly to the outskirt of the unseen forbidden lands.

Life is sweet by Lori Graham

The small chocolate shop in the middle of town was the most haunted place around. But
the ghostly whispers never deterred the people who knew what this shop offered. If you
could tolerate the ghosts, their chocolate would cure any heartache. People walked in
heartbroken, and walked out deliciously content.

Thoughtful Dreams by Lori Graham

She stood in a sliver of moonlight, her hair glowing. A wooden door appeared. She
opened the door and was back in her bedroom. How many worlds had she entered this
way? Lula tried to close her eyes to sleep. She thought of Paris, and woke up in the

Brewing Beer in Bavaria by David A Jones

Brewing beer in Bavaria is bound to bring forth some belting, barnstorming, bulldozing beverages, which are brilliant with bratwurst on a buttered bun, and munching them in Munich with mayonnaise on is magnificently mouth-watering, especially when you are wearing your leather lederhosen alongside a damsel dressed in a dirndl dress.

The Pandemic by David A Jones

“Oh, this pandemic is dreadful, isn’t it?”

“Yes, you’re right, it’s just awful, but what can we do? We have to social distance.”

“But I fear that this lockdown is going to last forever and then what am I going to do?” said the forlorn Lady Guinevere to Sir Lancelot.

The Ties That Bind by Hilary Ayshford

“Is Mummy ever coming back?”

“No, she lives in Heaven now.”

“Is she a ghost?”

“There's no such thing as ghosts.”


“That's enough now.”

From across the open grave his mother winks at him and puts her finger to her lips.

He smiles and waggles his fingers in greeting.

PEACE AND LOVE by Jane Williams

Sitting down on their usual bench, the one which read
" For Jane, and Gerald her loving husband , who sat beside her ",
they looked out at the romantic view , watching reflections in the water mirroring the angelic clouds. Then Gerald took Jane's hand and they flew back up into the light.

Tough Comparison by Tom Ayling

“How’s it possible to be that perfect?”
She’s squinting, arms folded, at the couple embracing ahead.
Lips pursed and frowning, she sidles closer. For a better look, perhaps.
“Just look at them.”
Another step. She’ll be breathing on them soon.
“Flawless,” she whispers.
It’d be rude, if they weren’t mannequins.

Cutting Remarks by Anu Roy

“Did you find the scissors in the garage?” Lisa asked.

Adam nodded.

“And the rope in the loft? The kitchen knives? Throw them all.”

“It’s too late,” he replied.

“No, it's not. It'll be okay."

He gripped Lisa’s shoulders. “It’s been three years since she found the blade. She's gone.”

SAVE OUR TREE by David A Jones

“SAVE OUR TREE,” shouted the Eco-warriors, dancing around the ancient woodland tree endangered by money-grubbing developers.

The sky darkened, rain poured, lightening flashed, thunder roared and the protesters sheltered under the tree’s protective branches.

Then suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the tree, killing the developers and its would-be saviors.


“This money’s short, sir,” stated the cashier.

“What?” exclaimed the bank manager.  “Give them here, I’ll count them myself.”

The manager quickly counted the notes and declared, “There, they’re correct.”

“I’m afraid you’re wrong, sir,” replied the cashier.  “They are all forgeries.  They’re a tenth of an inch too short.”

?? by Mark Cowan

"Follow me," he said. "You won't regret it." It was tempting. She'd only just met him, but he was exactly what she was looking for; tanned, fit, muscular. No; she shook her head. Looks weren't everything. Her finger clicked on reject. After all, the profile picture probably wasn't even him.

A DAY TO REMEMBER by David A Jones

It was a day to remember.

It was a day to forget.

It was a day to remember and a day to forget.

That is the way life goes around.

But why is it you forget the days you want to remember.

And remember those days you wish to forget.

A shade of grey by Judith Green

He looked everywhere. Then went back to the first place and looked again.
He wasn’t going to find himself, there were too many places he’d been.

He gave up, lightheaded, and practised his walking-through-walls technique. Again. It was midnight, he might as well get on with the haunting.

From Alice down the Rabbit Hole


Our 50th Wedding Anniversary.  "No party!", he snapped.

I booked a solo holiday but changed my mind at the last minute.

Returned home, plane crashed.

Husband 'putty in my hands'.

I smile as I hand him a brochure.

"Darling, remember I said I always wanted to go to the Seychelles".

A Distant Memory by David Don

“It is all dark now” she said.

“Yes” he replied softly.

Things will improve just believe have some faith.

Out of darkness there is light, out of despair there is hope.

Ahead a light is shining brightly darkness now fades slowly away.

Eventually all this will be a distant memory.

Traveling Companion by Kylie Woon

Bubbling with excitement, I exclaim.

“We’re finally here! In Japan!”

The neon lights flicker on and off as the city bustles along. I nearly loose sight of my companion, my grumbling older sister.

“Get a move on. I’m not waiting for you.” She huffs, and smoke rises into the air.

In the Land of Words by Kylie Woon

Surrounded by worlds, by books of all kinds.

Words that swirl to make fantastic images, casted in one’s mind.

From romance to mystery to action,

They give a pleasant distraction.

Snuggled by in a cozy chair,

In a wondrous place called “There”.

Share the stories,

For the glories

Of life.


Once...twelve by eight with bed; desk; chair; sink;

toilet and mirror.

Go outside twice a day.

Door locked from outside.

Now...twenty-four by twenty-four with bed; desk; chair; sink;

toilet; mirror (en-suite).

Go outside twice a day, with mask.

Door locked from inside...

Plus kitchen...and no bars, whoopee!

You do or you don’t by Judith Green

After the cat had sicked frothy grass onto the carpet

the dog  had sorted out the kitchen bin

the children had announced they were bored for the fourth time

all before 10.00am

she wrote ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ and stared at the blank page.

One word came to mind: Marmite.

from Alice

A Quiet Hero by Patsy Collins

He's a man of peace. He apologises. Turns the other cheek. Never an aggressor; he uses his strength to defend the weak, shelter the innocent, spread understanding. He stands tall in the face of violence, his resolve never wavers.

His silhouette can barely be seen against the clouds of war.

Heads by Ellen Evers

Cora shivers in excited anticipation. Two marriage proposals! Which to choose?
Hawley, emotionally cold but rich. He offers a new life in England. Freddie, gorgeous but with few
Let fate decide.
She tosses the dime. Heads Hawley, tails Freddie.
Cora smiles.
She will be Mrs Hawley Harvey Crippen.

The Girl in the Park ELLEN EVERS

The girl, forlorn and tearful, sits on the bench.
“I’m homeless,” she whispers. “I’ve nowhere to go.”
I sit, offer my hanky and a tenner.
She blows her nose, and hugs me.
“Thank you!”
She stands up, walks off with a wave and as I find out later, my wallet.

A Decent Proposa by ELLEN EVERS

I can’t mess it up again, or stammer over my words.
She looks at me, eyes saying, ‘you can do it!’
I sip my drink.
She smiles. This is the moment.
‘Darling, will you marry me?’
Word perfect. She kisses my lips.
A voice calls, ‘About time. It’s a wrap!’

Artefact Show and Tell by Patsy Collins

Mary brought sharp stones. "They're caveman’s knives."

David had pottery. "Could be Roman."

Laura brought bones with holes in. Simon held his granddad's garden trowel. Sally had an ancient coin.

Tommy told Miss Johnston, "Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear."

"I don’t understand."

"It’s an arty fact, Miss."

Sweet Dreams by Christine Law

I hear the sound of water droplets falling slowly upon my window pane. Its like the soft beating of a drum? Amid hues of green and gold. A wonder to the eye. Lying in  bed, my eyes close.  Thinking  of what the  ahead day will bring. To early to rise?

Guilty as Charged by Corey Briggs

"You are guilty," the judge said.

The man stood opposite the judge, silent—a mix of emotions stirring inside.

"Guilty of willfully disobeying the law. For spreading lies about the government.

For possession of an intolerable flag and an archaic set of laws.

You are guilty of being an American patriot."

A Schizzo in the COVID Tones by Irina Tyunina

His window traced a shiny pathway to my balcony across the street.

Every evening – full of him: smoking, staring longingly. Stars ringing.

Smiled to me.

Waved back.


A rose bouquet for my birthday.


The pandemic blow tore our silence with flashing sirens.

Ambulance lightning rushed between.

His window lit nevermore.

He Is Cursed by Evanson Njuki

'' Leave it''one of the women cried.
''Why?''he asked.
''Terrible taboo''the other gasped.

''Don't care'' he replied, splashed dust in the air and left.
''Let him alone''the two women implored.

Next morning all went for a witness: He was sprawled at the steps, ants in his mouth.

Harmony in the Park by Susan Harrower

“I just saw your dog try to attack mine” he spat.

“I don’t think so” I said, my dog is sweet and likes other dogs”

“Well what was it doing sniffing his tail?” “That’s how dogs meet and greet” I smiled at him.

“It’s aggressive, take it away” he growled.

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT 1940’S STYLE by Dorothy Snelson

Jimmy just said ‘Bugger.’

Miss takes him by the ear. They leave.

They return with mat, bucket, scrubbing brush and carbolic soap.

Jimmy kneels in penitence.

‘We scrub the mouths of children who swear’ says Miss. Then she relents.

Too late. I’ve wet my knickers.

We are five year olds.

Harnessing Fear - Rollo conquers all by Janet Gordon

Mums knows I need to go out but the  scary harness needs to be pushed over my head. Close my eyes and grit my teeth. It’s on and I’m not scared anymore. In the car and we’re at the park. Mums has thrown my ball and life is good again.

Lockdown Delivery by Sheila Thompson

The doorbell rings at 8.30 am.

I can see a delivery van so race downstairs expectantly.

The driver says a name, not me. Then an address, not mine either.

He snatches the parcel back as I give him directions.

Dejected I shut the door, not a surprise delivery after all!

A Perfectly Short Argument by Alexandria Walsh

“You’re the biggest, stupidest idiot I’ve ever met,” she screamed, her face getting as red as her hair.

He smirked smugly, his eyes sparkling “You forgot ‘cutest’.” He bit his bottom lip.

She would’ve punched him if she hadn’t started to laugh.

“You’re something else, John.”

And then they kissed.

Red or Blue by Maciej Forenc

They both run for the chief position

“I won” – one claimed – “you cheated”

“Shut up Man, have some grace” stroke back the older statesman

They divided cake in half with a bleeding knife

Mindless cattle voted, as instructed, dumbwalking to their hopeless fate

Worshiping POTUS ruling them from his Castle


“I’m going on my post-lockdown holiday and I need a new suitcase, mate.”

“We’ve got this canvas one or this much better polycarbonate one.  It’s dearer, but it’s lightweight, with four spinner wheels.  It’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.  It’s the one I’d buy.”

“That’s hard sell.”

“No, hard shell.”

TOO OLD, TOO SOON by David A Jones

It’s my birthday tomorrow, but I certainly won’t be celebrating it, not by a long chalk.

It’s the ‘big’ one.

I always knew that this day would eventually arrive, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

If only I didn’t have to start my first day at school tomorrow.

Forsaken by Aneena Elza Binod

He smiled a smile that gave away nothing yet gave away something. The beep of the machines in the Intensive Care Unit scared his sister. She hated to see her guardian angel lying helplessly, entangled in tubes. As she held his hand to comfort, the heart monitor displayed a flatline.

The Fall by Aneena Elza Binod

What she wouldn't give to see the skyline of that city over and over again! It was too beautiful not to photograph that she leaned over the top of the building to freeze the minent. Little did she know that in the next five minutes she'd slip into the abyss.

Overworked by Aneena Elza Binod

Lying supine in a rope hammock with a book on her face, she was at peace. The zephyr did her good. Her therapist suggested her to take a vacation from her busy schedule. The only place she wanted to go was her safe haven. The moment she lands, duty calls.

The Break by Alison Rodriguez

She stared with dismay at the blank white screen.  Brain dead.

No words came.

Coffee needed. A caffeine fix.

Mug carried carefully but tripped on the cable.

Liquid flies through the air, disappearing down the cracks between laptop keys.

She stared with dismay at the blank black screen. Laptop dead.

Jellyfish in Space by Emily Roberts

After looking through the telescope into the black abyss, the astronaut finally sat back in his seat, dumbfounded.

His mission had revealed itself and the task at hand was setting in.

Steadied, he slowly floated to the cockpit and said, “Are those Jellyfish?”

The co-pilot nodded eagerly, “Let’s do this.”

RAINBOW by Bill Watts

Over the rainbow bluebirds fly.

Why then oh why can’t I?

High above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ld find me.

Waking up where the sky is blue.

Get real...I’ll settle for the short cut, by car, to rainbows end.

Then my troubles will really melt like lemon drops.

A 19th CENTURY'S GATOR-BAIT By Sumaiya Barkatullah

I'm going to shake an untouched memory of an African infant. Though it's a neglected part of American history!

When the alligator was coming towards the child named Adia with its voracious teeth; a milch breast was levitated in Adia's eyes, which was helping her to be a human being!

Total Eclipse by Zoey Wong

“Don’t leave me.”

“You know I hate to.”

She moved, away from her lover. Streams of light pooled, brightening his pale craters.

“Do you love him?”

She moved further, her golden light now passing him, instead streaming oceans and cities and leaves. He looked away.

“I’ll see you next century.”

HIGH TEA by Cat Williams

Only fifty words? Whoops! - three gone. Six. HELP!

Get on with it!

Man trained elephant by signs. Former magicked bun (twenty!) from latter's trunk and signalled that the object be placed on the pachyderm's back. Then a sign that he (forty!) should follow. Man joined bun and promptly devoured it!

Sleeping Beauty by Wendy Janes

The masked man enters the house.

In the pitch-black, his trainers pad silently on the stairs.

Creeping into the bedroom, he gasps at her beautiful hair strewn across the pillow as she sleeps.

Startled, her eyes flash open.

He removes his mask and smiles.

"Welcome home, my darling," she says.

Honour Among Thieves by Wendy Janes

Sid and his gang hid the stolen loot in the woods.

“See you ugly critters in ten years,” he said.

The decade bestowed mixed fortunes.

Under cover of darkness, they returned, carrying torches, spades and high hopes.

But the loot had vanished.

"What dirty rotten thief nicked it?" Sid roared.

NOTHING by Bill Watts

“What you doing?”

“Nothing,” I reply as I sit working on my computer.

“I’ve nothing to wear,” she says whilst looking at a wardrobe full of clothes.

“Nothing on the television!” Daughter shouts while watching football programme on the box.

Finished, will now do nothing...but must send this off.

Repercussions by Christine Law

Four-year old Joey, smiled, at his Gran, she had shown him a new way to wash. Catlick, just wetting her hankerchief removing the chocolate ice cream from his face. On their return, mom said, Joey wash your face and hands.'' "No need, Gran gave me a catlick." Gran blushed.

A daisy for life by Saguna Paraskar

"Life should be like a daisy, short yet beautiful" I remembered the exact words someone had said twenty years back.
I plucked a daisy from a nearby vase and tucked it behind my ear, "It sure was" I laughed looking at the fond memories of my late wife, truly fulfilled.

Shades by Gillian Scholey

I place the sweet peas where I can see them. Lilacs, mauves and rich, regal purples  so purple they almost match my eye …

… and his face.

Both, colour suffused.

My precious flowers will die. Outside tiny buds promise hope of further joy.

Inside his anger still breathes purpose.

That day of the week by Huma Fatima

You can not hate people for the choices they make, you can just love them a little less and it’s alright that you left because anyways life goes well without you. Only the weekend reminds me of us and so at the end of each week, I miss you terribly.

Later they would tell me by Huma Fatima

As the stars radiated even brighter, no wonder why the darkness descended upon me like a heavy woolen blanket. I heard the melodies that my mother sang to me and my heart told me it was death approaching. later they would tell me it was the eyes I had lost.

TOTAL DISASTER by Stuart Cooper

It was a disaster. A humiliation. The worst day of my life. How can I live like this. My life's not worth living now. But I suppose I'll have to live without it. Maybe dropping my ice cream on the floor isn't that bad. I will survive. I'll have to.

More than strangers by Nethmee S. Akmeemana

"It's raining," he whispered.

His sleeve lightly brushed against her arm as the train ladled to oblivion. Her eyes traced his reflection on the window glass.

"For you." He disappeared through the open doors. A folded umbrella occupied the now empty seat.

She still thought of him when it rained.

A lazy morning by Nova Segan

"Mind is a miracle." He said
"Not when it wanders into the hidden dark corners of doubt and suspicion ." She replied, stirring his cuppa.
"What do you mean?" obliviously sipping he asked
"Charles!" She cried as his eyes went dark
"Darling, it truly is." She sighed, calmly sipping her tea.

The Surgeon by Mark Cowan

The face is motionless and unblinking. The surgeon skilfully makes the incisions, each eye enlarged, widened and made more prominent. Now the mouth; neat lines are cut, accentuating the smile, sweeping it into a deep broad curve. The surgeon stands back to admire her handiwork. The pumpkin has been carved.

Why go around once when you can always have a second go.... by Ann Bird

Mask on.......again

Hand sanitizer at the ready

Remember social distancing

Keep to the one-way system

Keep moving, don't hog the chiller cabinet

Grab the nearest bottle

Then contactless check out

Return to the car.....again

Mask off, long sigh


Message to self

Next time check that list and don't forget the milk!

(after a very exhausting trip to the local supermarket)

Immortal Desires by Lexus Ndiwe

The realisation that she wasn’t pregnant. Someone was just living inside her. The entity? An implanted clone.
“You had multiple organ failures,” the doctor said.
She lies in a hospital bed, longing for an end. Devoid of loved ones and left with unanswered prayers.
Transforming humanity’s future with ethical uncertainty.

Devoted by Tina Gabrielson

“I quit!” To say it aloud! If only I could face-to-face.

Driving to the empty lot, I let myself in, resigning on letterhead. In leaving, St. Michael’s bells clamor on Main.

Setting my alarm from habit, I drink merlot, reset it for a half-hour earlier, and lay out my business-casual.


Mary had a little lamb!

The cow jumped over the moon.

Mice ran up clocks; the cat had a fiddle;

Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall; an old lady swallowed a fly;

Bo Peep lost her sheep;

Soldiers marched up and down hills.

Mary has a lot to answer for!

She Wishes by Gillian Scholey

Stroking the pole, she gazed into the circular mirror seeing scarlet lips and eyes that could bewitch a saint. Balancing, she gripped harder. A hand brushed her breast.

‘Sorry Missus, just ringing the bell.’

Mrs Evans, eighty-five, followed the young chap down the bus with longing in her misty eyes.

The Clown by Alex Allen

John threw his mask onto the desk, sighing as he sat down.

Carole looked up from the papers, “How was work?”.

Smiling quietly, John replied, “Alright thanks, I’ve just got something I need to do out back. I’ll be back in a tick”.

Poor kid.

Time to bury the body.

Can You Give Me A Home? by Alice Nuttall

Cat available for adoption to a loving home. Small male tabby, thirteen years
old. Buttons is back with us again through no fault of his own, after his latest
owner sadly passed away. Not suitable for families with babies or small
children. Prospective owners may wish to Google Buttons first.

How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up? by John Ridout

“Time to go dear.”
“I don’t like leaving the children.”
“We’ll be quick.”
“There that didn’t take long, did it.”
“Yes and look they’re still sleeping.”
“Mm don’t they look contented.”
“Wait a minute I’m sure we had more than one.”
“Of course we did silly there are four.”


" What should I offer you honey, " his wife asked.
" A cup of coffee, dear, " Ken replied.
Princess offers him a glass of red wine. 
" I asked for coffee, not wine, "
" That's not wine, it's my heart. "
" I need coffee right now, not your heart . "
" Fool, it's over, " princess fumed out.


" Bring out the prisoner, " the executioner commanded.
A blindfolded man is brought out and tied to a stake.
The executioner was ready to shoot when suddenly, a warder screamed from behind,
" Stop! That's the president  not the prisoner. "
Then he laughed, " a joke."
The angry executioner immediately shot him down.


" I love you Christina, I really do. Please be mine, " Blaze pleaded.
" Do you love me enough to get a vasectomy? " she asked.
" Why should I? " Blaze asked looking puzzled.
" I currently have six children from six failed marriages ?  "
" What? Never, I can't do that for love " Blaze said leaving .


" Why won't you accept my heart? Am I not good enough? Be honest with me, why am i so hard to love ? " John queried, looking upset.
" Okay fine. Your mouth stinks so badly, it's killing me slowly , " Queen shouted angrily.
John immediately bowed his head in shame and walked away.


" God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Repent or perish in hell, " the preacher echoed immediately he saw John.
" Live and let live man, Christ before his ascension did not make the chief judge of the world. Chief judge,  let's meet in hell, "John replied and  walked away.


" I promise to love you and only you. Those were the words of my late husband before I caught him in bed with three of my sisters. "
" OMG! Kachi, how did you react? "
" I spilled petrol round the house and burnt him alive. "
Joy who was shocked, fainted and died.


After Joy had broken up with Prince, he went to her mother who was the cause of their separation and stabbed her to death.
Joy, finding out what he had done, poisoned him and later herself after she had chopped off, cooked and ate his eyes, ears, penis and testicles.


" If one tries to find out what killed his father, what killed his father will also kill him. This were the last words of my dad, but, I won't relent until I discover what killed him, " Sam said.
Days later, Sam said the same words before he breathed his last.


" Please give your life to Christ," Bayo pleaded.
" Thanks, but, no thanks. Have already booked my room in hell, " Ken replied.
" Jesus! Ken, you real? "
" Yep. I tried booking one in heaven but the requirements are enormous. "
" May God have mercy on you, " Bayo said going out.
" You too man. "


" A message for your ex, " the reporter asked Sarah.
" Ok. Meeting you was the biggest mistake of my life. Had I known we would meet that very day, I would have stayed home and cooked a cup filled with rice, but, a grain at a time, " Sarah said walking out.


" Is heaven real?" Pascal asked.
" it's not, " Paul replied.
" But it is recorded in the Bible. "
" To me, any proof from the Bible is not authentic. "
" Meaning? "
" The Bible's existence is questionable since it failed to prove it's existence and authenticity by not recording the word Bible in the Bible. "


Johnson who served a twenty years jail term for a murder he never committed, kidnapped and raped brutally the judge who passed the sentence. With a knife, he slit his wrist, taped the bleeding wrist to her mouth and fed her every drop of his blood until they both died.

My Lucky Star by Christine Law

For you are my lucky star always there to share a smile😁. When times get hard your love remains locked in my heart. Keeping me warm has we explore lives pathway. So tender your touch, so sweet your smile and embrace.  memories linger, has time passes through the years.

The win by Coman Vanessa Alexandra

-The knight killed the queen! everyone exclaimed.

Suddenly the whole room was in a complete silence.

-I can not believe he is about to win.

-How could it be possible, he knows nothing about this game.

-Chess mate!

Everyone is more concentrated than everything in the world now.

-White wins!


“Take an apple.”

I stretched out my hand.

“No,” he tutted.

“You didn’t mean literally.”

“I mean,” he held a russet apple. “It signifies so much. The apple in the garden of Eden. The judgement of Paris.”

“The poisoned apple in Snow White.” His shoulders slumped. I always disappointed him.

Verdict is my name By Kajó Erzsébet

‘‘Do you hear that?’’ I bring a hand to my ear as if listening. ‘‘They are coming for you.’’

The scum trashed against his bindings before, though now, he goes still as—
‘‘Why are you doing this?’’ A sob is making its way up his throat.
My grin spreads.

The Scales of Justice by Anna Treasure

He was surprised he'd got away with it so easily.  He chuckled to himself as he stepped
out of the court. What he hadn’t seen was the man with a knife waiting outside. He didn’t even realise what had happened until he fell to his knees. Justice had been served.

Assignment One by Ananya Sarkar

“Well done,” I told myself, as I dragged the body to the pond.

I had successfully completed my first assignment as a henchman. It wasn’t easy but I had overcome.
In the pale moonlight something glinted on the corpse – the steel locket worn by my brother when he
went missing.

Take Your Stalker To Work Day by Patsy Collins

When the guards grabbed me, I explained the reclusive professor intrigued me. "I must know why he seems younger, fitter and stronger after every day at work."

"Touch nothing," they warned, locking me in the lab.

I didn't touch the shimmering patch of light. I stepped through it, into yesterday.

A Nautical Truth by Martin H Samuel

Water is magnetic... you doubt me?

Look no further than the North Pole – a prodigious amount of frozen water and, as all good sailors know, you may trust your compass to point you in the direction of that icy place as it is indisputably magnetic.

Proof positive – water is magnetic.

I Swear, I Lived  by Kayleigh Saunders

Julian danced under the burning sun of July, the smell of strawberry ice in the air and soft pop floating in the background.
Maybe if he kept dancing, he’d forget how his hands still felt sticky, stomach still twisted, and the deco-patched image of a dead man behind his eyes.

Where is the Love by Christine Law

Chocolates by the score, eggnog with whipped cream, candy bars for him and her, a puppy for sister Kate. An emerald necklace for gran, to match her eyes.  A twinkling of fairy lights, holly and mistletoe, soon to appear. Yes, you have guessed preparation time for Santa and his elves.

Natural Pursuits by Christine Law

Times have changed ? Before internet there was actvity on our streets. Hop -Scotch, played with chalk on many a pavement. Children playing ball in the street and conkers(horse chesnuts) the joy of owning the biggest conker. Collecting those bright shiny fruits with green spiky shells, from the oak tree.

Fairy tale? by Judith Green

Fairy tale?

Once upon a time a princess kissed a frog.

Version 1. She released him from a cruel spell.

Version 2. Some frogs and toads secrete an hallucinogenic substance as a defence.

The princess thought the frog turned into a handsome prince.

Draw your own conclusions.

(Don’t try this at home.)

Alice in Wonderland

THE COVID KOKIE - Bill Watts - he said it is not his work

You put your household in,

children out.

Eat out help out spread it all about.

You do the Covid Kokie

and you turn around.

What the hell is this all about.

Oh the Covid Kokie

what a covid Jokie,

oh the covid Kokie.

Masks on spaced out

Ra Ra Ra

Let The Good Times Roll by Christine Law

"They don't do penny for the guy any more, its as begging". Said my sister. My mind goes to my childhood. The fun we had making Guy Fowkes, for bonfire night seeing every one elses guy along the street in doorways and open spaces. A prize for best guy.

A Brutal Local Murder by Catherine Simpson

A feather floats past.
“It must’ve been Betty. I haven’t heard anything from her, normally she’s so vocal. We knew the
“Awful, I hope she didn’t suffer; that it was over quickly.”
Rain has washed away some of the evidence, but the bloodstain remains. A dark wing-shaped
shadow descends.

Punishment by Penny Woods

Like a swarm of locusts, they devour everything, spilling liquids, grinding food into the carpet.
The clock forgets to keep ticking.
Sat in a circle, they scratch and grab and wail as the mystery is passed around.
Finally, it's time.
Time to sing happy birthday and send them all home.

Aftermath by Penny Woods

A rose window lay on the ground, its beauty shattered.
Decapitated stone heads and severed wings rested coldly amid the ruins of the Norman church.
A hungry cat picked her way among the devastation. The firefighter mopped black sweat from his neckline.
'Any survivors?'
'Not even the angels,' he said.

The surgeon by Penny Woods

With a sparkling knife, he makes an incision in her flesh.
The assistant breathes as loudly as he dares.
Expertly, the surgeon widens the cut and inserts steady fingers. As if examining a jewel, he lifts out her heart.
A sterile tray is offered.
'No, thanks, I'll eat it straightaway.'


He sits so still, a grey shadow upon the branch of the tree. Times have changed for man and bird? Suddenly he takes flight yonder the hills.
Emerald green shrubs shine, the beauty of pink roses in the garden and bird song. Oh, for days like these, a clear sky.

Playing the Beer by Jasper Teoh

As he brewed the beer in the cup, he was brewing her emotions. He placed it down in front of her. She looked cunningly as she tasted it.

"How nice of you Mr..."

The man looked up. "Just call me Constantine. I hope you enjoy the drink Ms..."

"Shaw. Estelle"

Shoot the Fight of Nerves by Jasper Teoh

The empty room was filled with rain thundering down from the sky. They were inches apart except for their guns pointing at each other’s face. Both began to sweat in a stream of tears as they stared nervously faced to face. Then, a shot was fired. Someone fired the gun.

Tranquility by Christine Law

Emerald green trees and shrubs shine in the early morning light. While birds twitter in yonder tree, above a clear blue sky. A  squirrel plays on the lawn. All will change with velvet skies this evening and weekend? Fire works a haze of  color and next doors dog lets rip.


The streets ran with blood, houses set on fire. The screams of wailing mothers could be heard from miles. In the pitch black they fled, collecting their ragged belongings, broken pots. That's the dreaded tale of time.

“Why are you smiling? ” she inquired.
“You just mentioned my home. ” she smiled

Wisdoms Wise Words by

“Mr Bush Sir, we and the lads demand you sort out the noisy accommodation .”

I stood facing him in his office.

“What lads?”

“Those behind me.”

“Behind you?”

Turning finding all those who elected me, gone.

“Always make sure those you represent, support you.”

Wise words forever with me

Step Into The Sun by Juneeta Vangala

They told him to step into the sun though he believed it would burn.
They said that it would be ‘good for him’ and never stopped pushing.
He finally stepped into the sun.
They made fun of his freckles and tan.
So he ran away from the sun and everyone.

Darkness by Christine Law

There is darkness in everyones life, the shadows of trees and empty spaces, one has to pass through. Once we reach the other side, there is sunshine and bright places to visit. Memories come back of happy times together. With support and love from those that care.

FROZEN OUT by Jane Williams

Droplets had glistened in the midday sun like diamonds spilling out and over.
Slowly at first, then cascading down like a waterfall.
Behind them there was so much feeling, but now there was none.
Alone, petrified, paralysed, frozen and turned to ice, she felt nothing.
Nothing but numbness and loss.

It's harder to let go than to hold on by Vidushi Sharma

Holding a rusty, old frame. She sat on the porch. Humming.

" It has been 10 years. Why do this?"
"It is his favourite season. " She smiled.

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let go." He would say. She couldn't learn the only thing he wanted to teach her.

Grass Roots by Christine Law

Early morning dew appears upon the lawn. The sun shines,  clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds, an avenue of golden brown leaves adorning trees. Oh, for crisp November days,       with a slight breeze. Reminding us all is not lost, to Covid 19. Fire works let off this  bonfire night.

Future Son-In-Law by E.R. Sibole

“So what do you do for a living, Tom?”

“I’m a murderer.”

“He’s a writer.” A girl cast an endearing smile in his direction from across the table.

“I mostly write murder mysteries.” He explained.

The mugshot of his face on the news later that night was not so easy.

Escape by Karen Hawkins

Before the Searchers came, she found him hiding wounded and afraid.

“Hurry” she urged him.

Stretching behind them the snow betrayed their unsteady footsteps across the fields.

“Pray for a miracle,” she whispered.

The sky grew dark, rain fell melting the snow mingling with her tears.

The Fog by Athena Constantinou

The dense, ghostly fog settled over the city like a curse, crawling around every corner, devouring everything in its path.

The townspeople had been warned not to go near the bridge, but some children did, and now one was missing.
Until they caught a glimpse of red in the water.

The Freedom Key By Linda Cosgriff

Incarcerated by motherhood; offered no parole: children were her gaolers; incessant chores her penalty.

An enticing banner unexpectedly summoned her to an adult education: rehabilitation for the recidivist.

Bailing out of Finals was never an option; endured like childbirth, unforeseen rewards followed.

The prisoner was released on her own recognizance.


Got fired for hard work, poor life skills, politics,
Tuhina sighed and declared in front of her family.
Involuntary sabbatical again, only black hole can suck
this misery of unemployment.
Things will go like this, told the Soothsayer,;her
fate whispered.
“We’ll deal with your faith”, family hugged her tight.


Boils are not healing, refer doctor, get it tested,
Rina begged her father.
“I am fine, replied her dad as usual.
Miser eighty year old man, you never listen to me,
Rina shouted.
“There is no medicine for insecurity of guardians,”
Rina paid her tribute with her account full of

Conflagration by Judith Green

Tonight she’d  destroy the evidence ...

She pocketed the letter. He must never find out!

‘First,’ the children said seriously, ‘we must check for hedgehogs.’

They checked, log after log, but the air had chilled and the heavens opened.

‘In! Quick!’  he shouted. ‘Come on, we’ll read that post inside. ‘

  The greenjay

Drowning by Sally Curtis

The old man saw her on the rocks, arms outstretched as if in supplication, the milky foam swirling and thrashing around her body.  ‘Rebecca’ he screamed into the wind ‘Rebecca!, but the only sound she heard was the song of the sirens from the deep, calling her away from Manderley.


Am I impressed, not depressed, to join I must.

Don’t want to do!

But must not bust,

I’d wake up in a boring mood

And dream of only eating food

Do nothing just whittle away.

Now I’m in. Not with eyes shut,

I’ve made the move it’s pepped me up.

Vampires Anonymous by Mike Tibbs

I arrive early as usual and sip warm water, but I hunger, and desperately need a

drink. It’s already dark outside; my most dangerous time. Despite all the dental work,

my capped incisors are hurting, yet I persist with these wretched vampires

anonymous meetings, just to get through the night.

The Rendezvous by Jo Jones

A tuxedoed figure bathed in moonlight waits by the sea.  ‘ Hi Honey.’  Dulcet tones purr. ‘You waited.’  She replies smiling.  Desire crackles in the air, their lips meeting passionately, but the sublime chocolate taste lingers on his.  ‘You didn’t wait!’  This ecco warrior picks up the discarded wrapper and leaves.

Close Up Adventures by Sara Mirza

Clouds of dust swirled as hooves kicked and thudded out of sight.
My mouth sweet and salty.
Suddenly an arrow shot towards me.
My hand squeezed tight. Heartbeat quickened. I hadn't seen it coming. Could I make it through this?
I crouched down as Interval was penned before my glasses.

So many Eyes Besides the Gun's by Bryce Easton

For an untold time, my eyes had been locked on the eyes of the gun barrel just inches before my mouth, but today was not the day. There were far more eyes to look into besides the gun’s, and with so many eyes, why would I want to shut mine?

TIRED FEET by Lesley Mccall

Eight hours on the shop floor. Exhausted, I remove my shoes to see a pair of golden sandals under the
bench. I put them on. A perfect fit. As I soar up into the air, I call to my fellow travellers, “Forget Jimmy
Choo, give me Perseus’s sandals any day.”

The Boy Next Door by Louay Al-Sadoon

The boy next door was almost a year older than me, so they took him away just before it all
started in Damascus.
I took the boy next door with a round to the chest two years ago in Aleppo, so now I’m a year
older than he’ll ever be.

The Promise That Failed by Nicole Malcolm

“This is the way the world works. There’s no messing with it.”
“But what if the world stops working?”
“It won’t, I promise”
I was 5, Now I’m 18. There’s been a slight change to that promise.
My name is Cameron Summers and I’m the reason the world is dying.

Wise words by Adele Winston

The dress was too tight. It cut her in at the sides and made her hold her breath too long. 'I can't go like this.'
'You can and you will.'
'However will I sit down?'
'You won't.'
'But - ' The Church doors opened.
'Once you walk down that aisle, you'll forget.'

The Foreigner By Zoë Boyce

The city that had once felt like home suddenly seems bleak and harrowing. The soaring skyscrapers make me feel like I’m trapped in a never-ending tunnel of concrete and misery. Mama said this city would never feel like home. She was right. I’ve never felt so strongly  like a foreigner.

TICK...TOCK by Bill Watts

Times wrong, I need hour of extra sleep.

“hour out!” I shout.

Lost place whilst counting sheep.

Open box, new one out.

“Wont work...wife!”

“Leave it to me I’ll sort it out.

Set the time”

“Times set it’s six fifteen”, voice from the box.

“It’s me, Alexa, not Goldilocks.”

A Lonely Girl by Dr. Bhargavi Chatterjea Bhattacharyya

I was lonely. My husband went to work and I was on my own all day.

Mangala came to my house to cook. While she worked, her five year old daughter Manu used to sit and chat with me.

I became pregnant, and Rupsha was born. Manu stopped visiting me.

Did I Win? by Kate Holderness

I put an ‘X’ in the square next to my name and dropped it in the ballot box. I saw my rival do the same.

“I voted for you” she said.

My face and neck turned red. I won. By just one vote, they said.

Rose Bud by Christine Law

Heather lay in bed the ordeal was over? Well worth it she had given birth to a beautiful baby daughter with smooth dark hair and rose bud lips. She smiled looking through the window, at the pink rose blowing in the Autumn wind, The name Rose Bud was an appriate.


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